Neebie using a Greenhouse (8X6) autoflower in Northwest Florida

Hello all!

Newbie here, just received my seeds Autoflower-Indica mix, Pure Indica, Bubba Kush, and GDP

I’ m in Northwest Florida (aka.Lower Alabama) I have a 8X6 greenhouse with a top vent.

I plan on growing 1 plant at a time in a pot.

The last few weeks the humidity has been crazy and lost all of my strawberries to mold. And now the temp has dropped down 30 degrees overnight.

I purchased the fertilizer start up package.

I’m concerned about the humidity and how to control it and also trying to figure out what type of light to use inside the greenhouse for 1 plant.

Thanks in advance for any support that can help


Welcome to the community

for humidity I will said get at humidifier, I’m indoor I can control without one but probably you if you Gardner is outdoor

And for light any full spectrum led of 100w or more but it just one auto with 100w light is good lights for had nice plant with nice yield

Temp should not get more down of 75 F in seedlings and veg stage

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Welcome @Fsticks
I am nearby in Southeast Alabama (aka north Florida).
I grow indoors and I too was surprised by the high humidity last week. Fortunately it got warm enough for the A/C to come on and that dropped the humidity enough I hope. I have a White Widow auto in full flower and 2 Bubba Kush that are in preflower/flower. I use 3 and 5 gal. fabric pots in a modified 32x32x60 tent (modified size is 32x48 or so). I have 2 MarsHydro T-1000 lights. They are 100w each and adjustable intensity.

This is not my current grow but shows my set up (sort of as it has been “updated”).

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Thanks for your reply!!

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Do you use a fan inside?
and the strains I listed above good to go for our climate?

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Humidity goimg to stay high. I doubt gonna win that battle. My family are farmers there in Washington county Ala. Right up the road. As for a light. I really suggest at least a 200w qboard with IPA65. 100w do a plant. You want 200w. Get more than less. Try to stick with samsung/cree diodes. I believe cree the top followed by samsung. 301b or 301h samsung. Full spectrum. Some boards are stage specific. A greenhouse grow would lead me to the waterproof light for sure.


Your pics just popped up///I can only hope top do as well thanks again!

I am set up in a spare bedroom and the tent is not sealed at all. I don’t get much company so the smell is not an issue. I have a fan going to circulate the air in the room but no filter. When I first started, I had the tent closed and an inline fan/filter running.
As for the strains, this is my first time growing the Bubba but I think indica and indica dominant strains do well in our climate.


These Florida temps have been tough even for indoor. I have windows open the other night it was 78. Now its 58. Some days its 84 and sunny then the next day its 62. :rofl::neutral_face::weary:


My last stay in Florida was stationed at Mayport. Did not like the weather. LOVED the fishing. 13 pound black bass biggest i caught in St. Johns river.

Yeah the weather is meh. Usually this time of year it’s pretty nice but it does get chilly. Damn summertime it’s nothing but sweating. The fishing is great though! My brother works on a pay per head boat so i get to go out fishing quite a bit.


It was in the 70s here and now its in the 20s and 30s.

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With the way things went last year with the weather, and the way it’s already been this season, if you’re only doing 1 plant, I would recommend a tent with a smaller environment to control. I’m a couple hundred miles west and growing indoors, but with the ups and downs with temperature and humidity, I’m still having trouble keeping the rh stable. I’m not saying don’t do it, if you can get temp and humidity, and a good 200+ watt light, by all means. HLG has a true 200w with a 2x2 flower footprint for under $200 right now called the Diablo 200. Top of the line. KingBrite is cheeeeeeap, and uses quality parts. Spider Farmer and Mars Hydro also make some good ones.


That HLG 200 less than a dollar a watt for high quality components one of the best bargains out there

Number one is your going to needs heater and thermostat

Just checked out the lights use suggested, thanks for your advice. Any recommendations for a fan for a 8X6 greenhouse? I was looking at some that are solar but not sure

Probably 2 cheap tall oscillating fans from Walmart. Maybe another couple small 6" clip on fans in each corner up top to blow the top around some


If you didn’t order any lights yet @Graysin uses KingBrite. I have a cheap Viparspectra and a not so cheap HLG do it yourself kit. But @dbrn32 is just about it when it comes to lighting.


Two 4 inch AC infinity duct fans with speed controllers, but in LA a window AC may be be necessary as well as shade cloth