Nectar Nutes in Coco


Getting after it lol!

You see my avatar? We’ll let that draw conclusions about what would happen to any “grinches”. People can take from me, I don’t really care. But I do stuff like that for my wife and kids, and anything of theirs would be best left alone.


I completely agree @dbrn32! I have twin daughters who will be 6 next month. My family is off limits, mess with me all you want lol. How old are your kid/kids?


7 months, 8 years, and 18. Yes it’s a long story, and yes I’ll be working til I die lol.


lol @dbrn32 and i thought i was the only one …3,9,19…

i’m with you there @MattyBear


I include my dogs in that category. …


Me too. As you can tell by my avatar! We have 3 dogs but obviously I have a favorite :laughing:


I have a 22 year old son and a 7 year old dog :sunglasses: And I’m like you guys… mess with me all you want but mess with my kid and you’ll get full mama bear :v: I was extremely shy growing up and have shocked myself with how assertive/aggressive I can be when it comes to my son.


You guys are great! I grew up with German Shepherds. Most of them could hold their own, the one however, may as well of been 100 pound poodle.

We’re waiting til my youngest gets a little older and probably lookiat a Rottie. But ya, they’re part of the family and will always be treated as such.

Standing joke around my house is that I had better be home if anyone wants to get cute. My wife and son shoot competitively, 3 gun mostly but just locally. It was her way of bonding with her future step son. So they do that and some archery. So far I have a lot of money wrapped up into bows and th freezer is empty haha. But they can both give me a run with th rifles.


We would get along great! I have a Mathews bow and a few handguns. Love shooting just never have the time anymore.


Exactly the reason I don’t get out with wife and son. And ya, like two peas in a pod. My wife has Mathews, my son a mission.


3 gun is certainly popular now but our favorite event is Bowling Pins! That is the most fun! 5 pins at 8 yards on a 3 X 8 foot steel table and set for caliber. Stopwatch ends when the last pin hits the ground. 4 runs and throw out one bad time for an aggregate time. 3 categories: rimfire, revolver and center fire auto.

We have access to an almost unlimited supply of pins from the base bowling alley.

The World Revolver Championships are held at the Hogue range on the way to Morro Bay which is 45 minutes from me. Right now I’m more about rifles: playing with a 270 grain ELD-X in the 340 Weatherby Magnum out of a Cooper Excalibur.


Very nice! That sounds exciting, we’ll have to give it a try. I think I can acquire them fairly easily as well.

It’s relatively flat here, and property values are high. Which means we don’t have access to the room required to shoot rifles much. We belong to a club, but it’s a little busy to take the kids on weekends. A few friends have a he room, so we typically shoot there when we can.

We don’t do a whole lot above the 5.56. I can barely afford taking them all for that lol. I have an unfired 6.5. Just waiting for time to throw a few loads together. But that’s about extent of our rifles.


We bought an 8" steel plate a year or two ago and have access to the military installation to allow some field conditions long range rifle. My rifle is currently only good to 700 yards, but it is capable of 1,400 yards. And more energy than a 338 Lapua.




@Myfriendis410 very satisfying to hear that “ring” from that far away… that’s for sure. Gosh I miss that sound. All of you make me want to go out and shoot something with my flat dark earth gen4 left hand converted Glock 21! (.45auto) ammo is expensive here though. About $5-10 more than down there per box.


I’m a 1911 fan but have a Glock 30SF so I can still shoot 45 auto. I cast my own and reload for less than 22 rimfire costs!


Great looking plants


I could reload, but getting anything explosive shipped here gets complicated in a hurry. @Myfriendis410


Update time! Fed today with late veg nutes at ph 6.2 and ppm of 920. I’m expecting the explosive growth to start happening now

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Under new light?