Nectar Nutes in Coco


2’X2’ ? How high please?


@SmoknGranny since it is a 2x2 I have the net set around 16” from the top of the pot. I can raise it if I need to but i think that’s as high as I wanna let her go because of the height restrictions


I’m considering 2x3… is that weird? I have a 4x4 drip tray in the tent and want to let them fill as much as possible. I thought it might be ok if they spread a bit more north/south rather than square… just to get as much spread as possible. Thoughts?


@MattyBear thanks for the info. I’m considering making a couple over the winter for my Spring outside grow.


Yeah that sounds like a plan and not weird at all. That way you can maneuver around the net :+1:


I built that for under $5 :+1:


Out of likes already! Better go do something productive [getting pvc] :smile:


There you go! I have to go to a Friendsgiving tonight so that’s my productivity for the day lol. I really don’t wanna go cuz it’s at my wife’s friends place and they are the only ones I know and I’m not really that fond of them to tell you the truth haha :rofl:


I have a bunch of 1/2” pvc in the basement and joints. I’m hoping that the pieces aren’t too short!


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Also interested in doing a grow journal…I know it’s off-topic, but if someone can assist, I’d love to post pics as I’m building the new room and of course beautiful ILGM Bud Porn!



I’ve never used those nutrients so I don’t wanna steer you in the wrong direction. I’m in Mills Ultimate Coco and Nectar advises a ph over 6. I contacted a rep from NFTG and he advised I follow the ph that they state so that’s what I’ve been doing, even though most ph coco to 5.8-6. Also the NFTG is calcium based so no need to add cal/mag :+1:




Yes, you definitely need cal mag when growing in coco; but I don’t know how much you’d want to use when mixing with soil. I use a coco blend and add in a little extra perlite. I’m also using the GH Flora trio; I start with 1/3 strength, then 1/2, then full. My schedule is feed, water, repeat; cal mag is given every day.


Thanks for the info…


Do you water til runoff? Or just enough to keep them from getting thirsty…


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HH has alot of Cal in it and you can actually use it when flushing because the calcium binds to the other nutes and helps flushing. Follow your nutes guides for pH not just soil and soiless. Nitro based vs cal based or organic vs chem all have a different guidelines.


Always used either ffoh or hf…so this being my first using coco, I need to pay extra attention for a bit…:mag::mag:


So I got my bonus today and decided to spend some if it on a new light for the new tent I’ll be ordering soon! Since they are sold out almost everywhere I jumped on buying a quantum board from HLG! It’s the 260w qb led diy kit. Got it off a bidding site. @dbrn32 @Covertgrower @MAXHeadRoom @Countryboyjvd1971 :+1::+1::+1::+1: