Nectar Nutes in Coco


I would do 2 boards for a 3x3. But 1 board will run a successful grow, just won’t yeild as much as 2 boards. That’s the reason I suggested getting one now if budget is tight and you can decide after a grow or two if you want to add another.

Up to you either way. If you were going to do two boards now, I would order the 260xw kit. I think it will save you a couple bucks. I can go and look at pricing breakdown if you are contemplating going that way


@dbrn32 I am and the 260xw is the kit I’ve been looking at on their website. That kit is just under $400


So you save about $30 over buying them individually. That’s what I would do if I was in your situation and I could swing it.

I’m going to see if I can find a grow with a few in use and tag you.


That would be much appreciated, thanks! I figure with my next set up I might as well get good lighting since it’s the most important. I’d rather spend a little more initially and tinker from there.


@dbrn32 that 260 kit is $350 on their website and comes with 2 boards it looks like. Is that the one?


260 xw stands for extra wide. That’s the one you want.

I don’t personally care where you buy. But it looks like it’s available here in stock with free shipping


I signed up to have them email me once they get back in stock. Hopefully it doesn’t take forever to get one lol


I’m probably looking to purchase after Christmas just so I make sure everyone I’m supposed to buy presents for actually have something to open lol. Maybe my kids would be pumped on a new light hahaha


Ok. You signed up on that specific model I hope? If you just do it on the boards they will only notify you when they make specific boards available.

Also, keep an eye on amazon too. They have been slowly making some of the products available there.

Also, not sure if I already mentioned. They should send with an A series meanwell driver. It will be around 93% efficient and should be dimmable from 50-100%. With the B series driver, you would have to diy the dimmer.


That’s funny!

I feel like we’re all kind of in that boat this time of year. They are suppose to working on some new boards, so maybe waiting will play out in something a little better, or a lower price on these. Fingers crossed!


@dbrn32 That would be awesome! I did sign up for that kit specifically to get the email notifications. I like the A series driver so I don’t have to solder the dimmable driver. I’m not finding any of the smaller kits on Amazon. Only the large 4 panel kits that are $1000


Good deal! If something else comes up let me know.


Just built this for my first attempt at doing a Scrog.


And here it is installed


Very nice @MattyBear


Nice job buddy that will do the job.


I agree with the others, it looks nice!


@RookieReefer @Covertgrower @dbrn32 thanks guys! Just cruising along. I’ll update this weekend. Just watered today and her root system has grown because she drank way more before getting run off :+1:


What size pvc did you use? I’m going to need to make a couple here soon.


I just used 1/2”. Was really easy to make! @GreenThunder