Nectar Nutes in Coco


@RookieReefer Awesome! I’ve been looking at adding a few that didn’t come in the sample pack too like Aphrodite’s Extraction :+1: See if it boosts smell and taste


@Onlythebest79 this is my journal for the Nectar for the Gods nutrients


What a difference 2 days makes! Side branching and node spacing is trying to catch up since I topped/fimmed her yesterday :+1:

@BIGE @Myfriendis410 @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @steve2 and anyone else I forgot to tag to the journal!


Looking good! Amazing how quickly they take off!


wow what a difference in two days! @MattyBear you are doing something right!! lol


Looking good. Your green thumb is starting to show. :+1:


Thanks all! Going to get a few things and set up my Scrog later today! :+1: I appreciate all of you for following along and for everyone’s input!


They’re still looking good. Just keep on keeping on! @MattyBear


They’ll love being abused @MattyBear


So Nectar of the Gods is a thumbs up ??


Same here - have to get it on amason for $21.00 they did give me a foliage feed product - did you get one also ?


Yeah @steve2 I’ve been foliar feeding every night at lights out for about a week now. I’m liking this line so far. Stinks to high heaven though lol


seem like to much work each time to check the “ph” after each mixing. thanks


It’s really not bad. They end up pretty close to what is needed and only small amounts of ph up or down has to be added. I had to add way more ph up/down with the fox farms line of nutrients.


You’ll find out with organics, the more it stinks the better it usually works lol. The sources of most base nutes are generally some kind of :poop:


Wait til you try Mammoth P and/or Photosynthesis Plus…

A whole new level of horrible…


Omg, yes!!!


Just catching up on a few threads. Buddy your girls are looking great!!
Reading further down I see you are finding managing the ph w/ NFG is easier than w/ FF - I agree completely.

Have you done a slurry test on your pots yet,?
I’m betting you’ll see the same there as well - where the ph will need to be adjusted like .3-.6 max.

I stopped using the Bloom Chaos (as foliar spray) two weeks ago, using it now as a root feed w/ other NFG nutes - my NFG six plant scrog is now starting week five of flowering.

Last week I started using the only foliar spray I could find that was recommended thru flowering by the local hydro store (at least up to the last two weeks of flower) - Magic Green. This stuff is a potent foliar feed and has other beneficial properties for the leaves/plant. Second application at 1/2 of the recommended dosage and I can tell you without a doubt in my mind the canopy of the scrog filled another 5-10%. I applied the first feeding right after pruning the plants (almost everything below the screen), I think it really helped the plants recover from the trim. The only recommendation to using MG once every 7-10 days, is to be sure to spray the leaves with distilled/ph’d water every 2-3 feedings to cleanse the pores/stomas so they can continue to intake nutes. Kinda gets away from the NFG feeding schedule but I wanted to continue foliar feeding as long as possible - the Bloom Chaos was awesome but is not recommended during flower as a foliar spray.

I’m psych’d your liking the nutes - and you’re obviously using them right… :+1:


@RookieReefer that is great info and observations! I’m gonna spray mine with ph water too just to clean them off a bit lol. Got talked into setting up for Christmas yesterday and didn’t get to making my Scrog yet. Will hopefully have that done later tonight or tomorrow.

@dbrn32 I am looking into getting an additional 3x3x6.5’ tent so I can perpetually grow. I’m looking at spending around $150 for lighting. I use LED now but I know you’re the lighting expert so I thought I’d bend your ear on what you thought. I’m not super into building my own just yet.


What do you plan on doing in the 3x3? Veg, flower, or a little of both?