Nectar Nutes in Coco


Anytime @bob31! Other than your taste in your favorite NFL team, you’re A+ in my book lol :+1:


We can still be friends though! @MattyBear :football: Glad to see you back around on the forum. How’s things?


Things are good @bob31 thanks for asking. I was pretty heartbroken about my outdoor greenhouse grow getting so much bud rot this year. At least I know I won’t be dealing with that indoors. Gonna purchase a new tent after the first of the year so I can have 2 tents going. Cheers bud


Thats excellent! Glad to hear. Hopefully you will do a grow journal here so we can follow along! Lot of guys lost a lot of bud this year. Pretty sad! Hope that doesn’t happen again! @MattyBear


Consider this my new journal @bob31. I’ll update periodically :+1:


Thanks for all your input! How often and how much do you water in coco? I’m in a 5 gal soft pot. I can tell this will be different than soil when it comes to feeding/watering.


Watering in coco is kind of dependent on where the plant is and pot size. I start in a solo cup, transplant up from there several times (I stay just inside the drip line to crowd them under the minimal number of lights) until I’m in a 5 gallon fabric pot. By then they are receiving daily watering or feeding. And you can’t skip a day!


Just ordered Blue Dream and Maui Wowie! Couldn’t resist! I love Maui waui :+1:


I’m in for the ride.
Set to watching.

Got a six plant scrog setup running nectar line at day 86 (12 days into flower).

You’re gonna love these nutes.



There was a discount code for $20.- off posted last nite in another thread.


Thanks for following along @RookieReefer. I used the $20 off code! :+1: looking forward to these nutes!


Sweet. I hope it lasts for a few days I was eying the Maui myself.


What a difference 5 days makes! I fed her with early veg nutes twice this week and she loved them!


looking great @MattyBear


Looking awesome @MattyBear keep up the awesome growing!


Pretty plants! Looks like you hit the sweet spot! :ok_hand:


Thanks for taking the time to respond everyone! Much appreciated :+1:


That’s awesome nice job they look great. :+1:


Update Day: She is working on her 5th set of true leaves and the node spacing and side branching is coming along. I’ll top or fim her in the next day or 2. I’ve been foliar feeding at lights out and it’s left a little residue on the leaves from me not wiping them down. Liking Nectar so far…


Looking good.
I really think the foliage feeding helps a lot.

Ordering my first re-supply of a few of the nectar qt’s today.