Nectar Nutes in Coco


She looks so lonely!!! Lol. I just got my Maui Waui and Blue Dream seeds in the mail today!!! Without the netbon her she should spread out some more. My other seed sprouting early kind of threw off my plans, but oh well. I’m not one to make plans and expect them to always happen, lol.


I’m so use to jamming them in there, not sure how to handle that much room.


Me either. I guess I’m gonna toss a few seeds in water when I get back Monday lol. I can stick my auto in there once she gets a little bigger and can handle the lights. That will help fill out the space a little


6 minutes til I get another like. La te da…


@MattyBear Let me know when you drop the maui waui seeds! I want to see those look like. I’m eyeing that strain.


@Covertgrower ’ll tag you into the new journal after the New Year!


ya me too, im interested in that strain!! tag me in!!


So I got the flu for New Years. I can barely get out of bed, but I’ve flipped the lights to 12/12. That’s about all I can do today :nauseated_face:


Damn, sorry to hear that. If it’s any consolation whatever seems to be going around by me hits hard but is subsiding after couple of days.


dang @MattyBear, that is no fun!
get well soon!


@MattyBear get well brother


So I’ve been bad at updating this thread since I started my other QB thread. I moved my cheese auto into the 3x3 yesterday. This morning my AK47 auto popped her head up. I’ll be moving her once she’s big enough for the stronger light and make room to start a Blue Dream and a Maui Waui


cheese is on the top of my list @MattyBear!
along with hundreds of others! lol


Haha I know what you mean! I just ordered 2 strains and now I want to order a couple more!!!


i know what you mean I just got a new strain in the mail and 4 more coming from ilgm lol