Nectar Nutes in Coco


that’s some heavy stuff man!


Just cleaned up a little bit under the canopy. Gonna flip them to flower on New Years. That way I don’t have to guess on days lol. Probably will do a little more cleaning up under the canopy Saturday and then we’re out of town until Monday, then flip her!


Jfc, you guys are killing me! I’m not ever going to get my likes back at this rate.


@MattyBear and @dbrn32 all out of likes as well. I like the New Years idea.


Ok everyone, here’s what I’m thinking. Changing things up a bit lol. I’m gonna transfer the plant in my small tent under the Scrog into my new tent with the quantum boards to flower and stick a couple autoflowers in there too cuz they will grow under 12/12 and that way I can use more tent space and not so much light will be wasted on the ground. What do you guys think? @BIGE @MAXHeadRoom @dbrn32 @Daddy @Dragon269 @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @Usmcjojo @M4ur and anyone else I forgot to tag lol


i have photos and autos growing together in harmony…lol
sounds like a great idea @MattyBear


Then once my new seeds get here I can start them in the small tent and they will be ready by the time these would be done flowering :+1:


And the cycle continues from there, hopefully lol


my next in cycle are monster cropped clones from monster bud and ww…
one of each,prob.initially do more but keep one …
then new seedlings! lol
you are right though,we have to keep those doggies rollin’!
i’m dealing with aphids so after another spray i’ll take clones.


I’m near the end of my first grow, 2 photos and one auto-fem in the same tent. The auto didn’t produce buds nearly as big as the photos, nor as many; however she has the most tricomes :thinking: She’s the only one we haven’t harvested yet so idk how much less she’ll have but definitely not as much. I’m told the autos do better on a longer light cycle, though the 12/12 does work.

One of the photos was taken down a bit early due to bananas. The other photo was partially harvested and put back under the light (now I see why folks avoid popcorn!)


I love the way you’re thinking @MattyBear I think I need to get as serious as you and just get another tent.
@GreenThunder yes popcorn is the most difficult to trim too! I’ll be avoiding it this grow.
@BIGE I have 2 monster cropped GSC that I have my eye on. These things are going to be monsters for sure. So many preflowers, branches, leaves, and a few flowers as well, despite being on 18/6! I don’t dare turn the light schedule back, last time I did that, they started flowering again.
Sorry to hijack your thread @MattyBear


Go for it!


You’re not hijacking at all man! I love it :+1:.


In that case I guess I can just take the Scrog off (if I can) because I’ll have a lot of room in the new tent. Plus I have it growing how I want so if I can get the screen off it should grow uniformly. Then I can get the auto started since I wanna slowly up the lights from 50% and hopefully she adjusts or it’s back to the smaller tent til she gets bigger


Just a little morning update! Removed the Scrog and put the ATF under the quantum board in the new tent. The Cheese auto sprouted and will be under my 300w Meizhi. I have the ATF at 22 inches from the light and running the driver at 50% (all the way down on my model). I’m leaving town til Monday night so hopefully they all make it til then, but not sure my seed will make it without me being here to mist her. That was my fault. I knew I’d be leaving but thought it would sprout Sunday and I’d be ok, but nature had other plans lol


You can probably boost that light a little now that it’s not over the seedling. Up to you, should be fine either way.


@dbrn32 How high do you think I should run it?


If you’re leaving it at that height, you should be able to run it 70-75% no problem. That plant is well developed. I would do that while you’re gone, and probably looking forward to boosting it again a little more in about a week.


Cool. I set it at about 75%. The wife and one of my girls got sick so I’m home tonight and we’re leaving for just one night tomorrow so hopefully we’re all good :+1:


Sorry to hear about the fam, hopefully they’re doing better and can enjoy at least a shortened trip.

Your other girl looks a little lonely in there.