Nectar Nutes in Coco


I’ve only had one cheese, and it was ok. Nothing that stood out in my opinion. But connecting to an auto is really a no go for me. I tried 6 of them a few years back. Of the 6, 1 hermed, 1 failed to crack, 2 were really small. Of the two that were reasonable, one had a really funky smell and taste, the other was decent.

Some of that could easily be on me as I was fairly new. But the six photos on the table right next to it all did fine. I have been shy to them since, but I think I still have remaining 4 seeds.


Well you can follow along with me! We will see how they do with these lights


Already on “watching” let’s see how they do!


Cheese is a great classic strain: are you bagging on her choices? Lol. It does SOUND awful, doesn’t it? “Honey? Would you like to smoke some cheese?” Hahaha!


Haha yeah I know, sounds unappealing, but it’s good smoke lol. And the good news is she has a tap root showing so I’ll be planting her in her new and forever home :+1:


I’m going to grow some. My understanding is that I need to do the “English” strain as it’s superior. Research. …


I got these cheese seeds from AMS, the sister site to ILGM. It was good stuff, but not sure if it’s the “English” strain


So here she is!


More of the auto than the cheese, but I agree not the most appealing by name.


i’m thinking of trying cheese @MattyBear


Its a really fun strain!! I got some good colors out of the last plant. @BIGE


I agree with photos being preferred over autos lol. Autos are good if you know how to treat them and are fun to grow too. I have so many seeds that it’s a waste not to grow them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:


Agreed, can’t waste them beans!


is it really skunky/musky pungent? i really like that stuff for some reason…lol


Me too!! Who names these strains cause personally, I don’t find diesel or cheese to be sought after aromas


i guess that is nicer than saying cat piss or dog poop…lol


true dat. Big Cat Canna…there’s a domain name in the making.


@BIGE don’t judge. I think I will be growing some Purple Dog Poop for a friend lol


no judgement,only facts…lol that pdp is killer @Daddy


Haha!!! “ Muai Waui mixed with some Labrador, man”- Tommy Chong