Nectar Nutes in Coco


So here is my ATF under the Scrog. She is sativa dominant so should I flip her to flower soon and continue tucking during the stretch? @dbrn32 @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31


Out of likes, but ya. From pictures screen is looking pretty full, I would think a little room to tuck stretch would be ideal.


Cool. I’ll flip them the first of the year then and start slowly reducing the light this week so hopefully she won’t stretch too much


Sounds good. A little bit of stretch will help fill out the screen anyway, so however it works out will be fine.


Just got these 2 in the mail today! I’ll add them to my next feed :+1: @Usmcjojo


Sweet setup.!


Thanks man!


Bad ass bro your gonna love it the kraken smells like s**t though


Haha they all smell awesomely awful lol


Well then this one has a very particular smell then lol


Something that seems to be a regular with organic nutes, the worse they smell the better they are.


Are you gonna run Nectar nutes next grow @dbrn32?!


I have the sample pack, we’ll see if they’re still good when I can get around to firing up. I have used earth juice exclusively in the past, a different organic line.


@dbrn32 you might want to consider it.

6th node starting. Secondary branching on every node as well. And did I happen to mention…15 days old.


Looks nice! I could arguably say that nutes don’t have a darn thing to do with that, and give your lights the credit lol.

I’ll see if they’re good when the time comes. I know if I have to go out buy stuff, i will most likely be going with something from jr Peters and running a few supplements. Even if it’s not as good, it’s hell of a lot cheaper.


Ohh I don’t have them under the real light yet :slight_smile:


That’s disappointing. @MattyBear isn’t messing around, he’s going to blow it up seed to harvest.


I put a seed in water already. I let the wife pick one because I told her once the blue dream and Maui Waui get here I’m gonna start one of each of those too. She picked a cheese autoflower. :+1:


I think I like your picks better than hers. Doesn’t matter though, keep her happy and everyone else gets to be happy too haha!


Haha I agree, however Cheese is a really awesome strain! We really enjoyed my first harvest. Pulled over 3 ounces and had some super heavy buds :+1:. We both prefer sativas but like a good indica at night

Edit: first cheese harvest, not first ever harvest lol