Nectar Nutes in Coco


And you’ll love those inkbirds, I had more expensive ones I ruined with a spill. These are just as good or better, now have them in my cigar humidor as well.


Ok everyone, especially @dbrn32 for persuading me to go with these quantum boards!


Holy hell they are bright. These photos don’t do it justice haha


@MattyBear pictures of your new quantum boards are not helping me save my last $300 to buy some. LOL. They look great though. It’s too bad the camera adjusts so much to that much light.


i’m excited with you @MattyBear, now let’s grow some serious buds!!! lol


Awesome! The photos never translate intensity, just like looking at a picture of a welding arc won’t burn like the real thing.

So for the others, how did you feel build difficulty was?


It wasn’t difficult at all. I am gonna have to start seedlings at 50% intensity! I thought my neighbors could see the light through my house when I plugged it in cuz it was so bright. My wife said “so when are you gonna start some more seeds?” Well…


I’ll start a new topic for this tent and leave this one for the original topic.


Safe to say happy with the purchase so far? Sounds like you should probably keep the wife happy too, we may come looking for her lol.

For the record, you mean 50% as dimmer all the way turned down right? If you didn’t, you do now lol. And get that puppy up as well. We nearly scorched all of @Kcdaniels plants on a little miscommunication like that.


Yeah dimmer all the way down. I am very happy with the purchase so far! :+1:


Very good! I was also thinking too, if there’s any issue with the boards being oriented that way you can always just swap out the sink with the xw or two individual heatsinks. Or even cut that one and turn them. See how it plays out how they are though, it’s the same amount of photons either way.


You think I should raise the light up?


You’re putting seeds underneath it or plants you already have vegged?


I’m gonna do them from seed


Seedlings I would guess you’ll want at least 3 feet distance to light.


I think I’ll have that now, but will double check. Thanks bud


Yep. My veg light is very similar to a quantum board and I run at 80 Watts 30-36. The efficacy is a little higher on the qb though, that’s why I said at least.

Do you use a heating mat and domes with them?


I have never used a heating mat before. Never had to honestly. For domes I just use 2 liter bottles cut in half :+1:


You should be good with that.


Even if they did see your light, it’s less suspicious because at least it’s not a burple colored light. Which is all the more reason to go with 3000K grow lights. I know I always think about what others driving past, walking past, can see, and I do visual checks just to be certain.