Nectar Nutes in Coco


Thanks brother


no problem brother also you are the awkwardest person to reply to it feels odd to type @Daddy


Hence why I picked the name, just call me Daddy! lol. And btw…what are you using fo an inexpensive tea? I like the slf-100 but its spendy to use all the time.


To tell you the truth I really don’t use tea’s I spray every other watering with photo + and every feeding I spray bloom chaos up until buds start to set. I stop spraying the plant when buds start to form.


12 days old and already fed twice lol


@Daddy they look great!!
transplanting soon?


One more week then they go in their home and start getting abused.


Not abuse! Say it ain’t so! Hahaha!


I didn’t say neglect…abuse, and I do beat them up pretty bad lol. finished up the room tonight but weather is pretty bad here right now. not the best conditions for my test run.


get the ropes out @Daddy


Started snowing for the first time on Christmas Eve tonight! Gonna be a white Christmas after all! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! :+1::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:


My other Christmas tree lol. Just showered with Bloom Khaos :+1::christmas_tree:


5th node starting on day 14… is anyone else seeing this type of growth with the nectar?


idk but sounds like yours are doing well


I am impressed with these nutes so far and sounds like you have a grower on your hands! :+1:


Today’s progress so far lol

Oh and I snagged some of these too! :+1:


Light kit is next :+1:


Out of likes @MattyBear


I gave you one of mine @Covertgrower lol


Blah blah blah, bring on the light!