Nectar Nutes in Coco


i missed you question first time through

300w LED Galaxy Hydro


No worries. Those are like 140 watts power consumption and for $240 that’s three of them correct?

I’ll run the math on those numbers, but definitely correct me if I’m wrong. 9 zips is like 256 grams by 420 Watts is like .6 grams per watt. I think? I’m pretty impressed, that’s a good ratio for any light or grower. Nice job! Now in comparison, we’ll take @MAXHeadRoom’s grow. Just because I believe it’s well documented here, and I believe he’s an honest and realistic guy. He built a replica of hlg-550 ($1050 retail) for I’m pretty sure $600. On his very first grow dry yield was .75 per watt on 515 Watts I think. So 100 Watts more from wall, 130 extra grams. Assuming you had donors for the extra 130 grams, what could you get for it? At $5 a gram, you could build that light completely paid for in one grow.

Obviously there are other variables that contribute to yields. And what works for one isn’t always great for another. I just want to help people try to get the most for their money is all.


@MattyBear you need to add these you will love the results


Hey @Usmcjojo! I have them both in my cart right now. Do you follow a modified Greek regimen then? That’s kind of the way I was thinking of going. Let me know and thank you for your service!


@MattyBear Thanks brother and yes that’s exactly what I do along with microbes. Every time I use the microbes I put 5ml of zues and 5ml of aphro.


Sweet! I’m following your journal too so I’ll be keeping in touch brother👍


@Usmcjojo and @MattyBear I am also doing a run now with nectar and already modifying the feed schedule so I am following and will have input and questions to share as well. They are already being hit hard at a week old…lol


Tag me into your journal @Daddy!


I will be doing my journal a little different and when i start it i will bring everyone in lol @MattyBear


Sounds good :ok_hand:


@Daddy if you feed aggressive with nectar you have to be aggressive with the Herculean as well. Herculean is the buffer it filters out excess nutrients so as you increase the strength bump up Herculean accordingly.


@Usmcjojo thanks gor jumping in here i was hoping youd see the tag
Very cool wish i would have talk to you before i ran with the nectar line
Ill be following your grow as well
I was impressed with the results from the nectar line for sure
And from one vet to another thanks for your service sir I salute you buddy
Merry Christmas all :v:️CB


@MattyBear @Usmcjojo @dbrn32 @Countryboyjvd1971
I just picked up those two additional bottles - a little late for this run but I’ll incorporate those into the next - I’ve got six clones in a DIY bubbler that are ten days old and rooting like crazy.

bubbler2 12-21-17

And the scrog. Six plants running the sample pack Nectar line is finishing up nicely. Running three different strains in the scrog is going to make harvest a little more difficult as two of the six are clearly further along - buds are swollen, pistals are 65-70% and the trichs are milky. The 6" carbon filter is doing a pretty good job keeping the smell down - I love just standing in the room and breathing it all in. Awesome.

scrog 12-21-17

buds 12-21-17

Christmas eve harvest…?

Pics aren’t the best quality - don’t know if I was shaking from excitement or trembling with anticipation. I’ll never go back to FF nutes - but I’ll be watching the Remo journals to learn about those.


And Merry Christmas to all!!


You’re tent looks happy reefer! A harvest would be a great present to yourself, if they’re ready! Merry Christmas to you too bud


I agree, No worries and I appreciate your input and analysis. It’s right on. Actually, they gifted me one light so I have 4 @ 132 from the wall or 528w but I was also using a 125w cfl if you recall. I am not now as it blew LOL.

Thanks very much @dbrn32 and based on this post(s) I continue to be envious and will one day have a state of the art (or close) lighting set up. I agree, I could easily pay for the light in the manner you suggest. You’re a definite asset to ILGM, TYVM.


Good news! Just got an update from Amazon saying my tent should be here today!


Just ordered The Kraken and Tritons Trawl @Usmcjojo. :+1:


@Usmcjojo do we really need Triton’s? We would just be replacing bonemeal with fishmeal?


You can sub if you want I run both while in flower the fishbone boost oil production. The smell flavor and oil production of Triton is amazing. It’s not a make or break addition but if you want to get filet mignon out of what you already invested in the line Triton is a must. The last batch of gorilla bomb I did while using Triton was amazing. The buds never lost their stickiness even after a 9 weeks curing and I mean super glue sticky. @Daddy


@Daddy @MattyBear this is strawberry sour diesel

And this is gorilla bomb all using Triton and kraken