Nectar Nutes in Coco


No problem! Sometimes it helps to look at your entire grow as a big picture when you start comparing growing methods and costs. A zip of top shelf indoor grown weed by me can bring $300+ if you’re not connected well. If you’re big picture cost minded, an extra ounce could fund your entire grow.

I just think it’s important to stay open minded as you stated. How many people do you see go bigger to grow more weed? Most in my opinion, with little thought to maybe just making what they have better.


Just a quick update on the tucking so far


Looking good! If you stuff that top back under the rest of plant should be shooting up quickly


Looking good, I took my lead from @Countryboyjvd1971 and pull from existing and tuck into the next - as opposed to weaving. I’m hoping that will make harvest easier. You’ll be to the edges within a week or two!



@RookieReefer Yeah I’m doing everything under the screen so I don’t have to tie them all down every time :+1: thanks for the advise my dude!


@dbrn32 will do! I’m in the middle of watering so I’ll just keep spreading her out :+1::+1:


Sounds good. Looks like you have about 4 at or above the net? Just kinda start tucking them towards the corners. The plants will do what they want, so you may have to adjust that later. But the first ones to the top generally end up the furthest away. After a little bit you’ll notice the lower nodes on those branches try to become tops. Im not a big one for running a scrog, but they’re fun to watch fill in.


This is my first time running a Scrog and it’s fun learning new techniques :+1:. Still waiting on the damn tent to get here so I can set it all up! I have everything else I need already! I’ve decided to run 2 photos and 2 smaller autos in that tent while this one is flowering. Then I can start getting a cycle going :+1:


I have a buck that says you won’t stop there lol. You let some random guy on the internet talk you into spending double on your lights in a matter of hours, and your wife is at least somewhat supportive. You’re pretty much screwed.


I did the same thing to @dbrn32 in another thread a few ago…
He jumped in and helped out that grower as well - and I should have tagged him with the same note as you did.

Good dude.


Ok I did a little more tucking! @dbrn32 I was following other people’s threads about lighting and you were the person who made the most sense to me and you were generous with your time! I honestly appreciate that and maybe I am crazy for trusting some dude on the internet :joy: but I don’t think you’d steer anyone in the wrong direction. :+1:


Just keep tucking @MattyBear looking good brother
Woohoo happy growing my friend


I do appreciate the kind words! And I was just messing with you a little beyond that.


Thanks brother! How did you like the Nectar nutes @Countryboyjvd1971? I know I saw you’re gonna do a run with Remo but was just checking how you liked the Nectar :+1:


I know you were messing around bud. It’s a definitely a plus having the wife be on board with almost everything I wanna do. She smokes as much as me so she better haha


@MattyBear i would buy the nectar line tomorrow
Its a great :+1: line
i think it definitely one you need to use a few times to really understand but if you follow the schedule youll do great
The schedule is a loose on so you can tweak it a little to meet your grow needs
I ran them with gold leaf
I did have issues but they where caused by lack of attention die to family issues
I was reading on @Hogmaster thread and
@Usmcjojo was saying it all he uses
He’s price a good guy to reach out to about this tho hell be much more knowledgeable them me on it


I found that so far, running Nectar in coco, is that the first few weeks were a little rough due to Nectar nutes needing to be ph’d higher than coco likes, but after sticking to the manufacturers ph recommendations, she has really started to take off. I did buy Aphrodite’s Extraction (carbon) to add to the sample pack. Just added it last feed with late veg nutes. Once I get my new set up I’ll be trying Nectar in different mediums to see what works best for that line :+1: But as you know, I’m always down to try other nutes/methods just like you! I love learning and growing. So many cool people on this site :sunglasses:


Try the promix hp or bx bro it’s fairly inexpensive and i think youll like the results
Im using the bx bow and love it :heart_eyes:
You can ph like soil as well doesn’t matter I followed mfg ph recommendations as well @MattyBear


Promix will definitely be the next medium I try! I like that you can ph to meet different needs. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Nice bro
Merry Christmas to you and yours as well my friend