Nectar Nutes in Coco


Hey all! That time again to start a new journal with new nutes (Nectar for the Gods sample pack) and trying a soiless medium for the first time. I just transplanted my photoperiod Alaskan Thunder F&$k into her forever home (5 gal fabric pot) tonight and used the transplant shock that came with the nutrients. Watered the rest of the half gallon in and here she is now. @Countryboyjvd1971 I know you’re busy with personal issues right now but I have a few questions on the nutes when you have a moment. To everyone else, welcome to the Sh*t show lol


i’m sitting here in my sh#tty seat watching your sh*tty show @MattyBear! good luck,looks like a great start!


@MattyBear whats up brother
I am dealing with a family situation bro
But im around for a min in the mornings
When this is settled ill be back full
So fure off the question
We have a thread here called
Lets talk nectar or something lol like that ill tag you in to it when i cruze it in a few minutes
Im using promix bx and running recommeded ph levels i have not had a issue
I found growth to be fantastic also using nutes as directed
Hahahahaha @BIGE me too


Look at the treatise Garrigan laid on me in my journal: “My Journal Started As One Thing and Went Off the Rails”. Using lower tds values in coco and you can see the results.

You will love the medium.


How often were you feeding and how much were you finding you needed to water/feed at a time? I know I’m gonna be feeding/watering more often in coco and I know you just ran Nectar nutes in promix on your gold leaf. Thanks again and sorry to hear about what’s going on. Praying for you @Countryboyjvd1971


@BIGE thanks for watching the SS lol.
@Myfriendis410 I will definitely check out what @garrigan65 said on your thread!
Is there any truth to coco having shorter grow times than soil? Or is that bs? Thanks all :+1:


Coco is hydro. So, if hydro is faster then yes. They grow fast in veg. I have a GSCX that’s over 20" tall in 4 weeks. Flower times are probably gonna remain the same.


have you heard of the offer by them : foe #28.00 you can get the whole line in liter bottles’ (what a deal) It’s a calisum base nutrient program and you will need a ph meter and they supply you with up-down. Great deal !!!


I got the sample pack a few months back but was using fox farms nutrients the last few grows. This will be the first grow with Nectar nutes.


If it shaves off some veg time that is good enough for me lol.


Please keep me informed !! I have to get some ph down wasn’t included with the ph up but I got some foliage spray stuff instead, unless they forgot. the ph down is about $25.00 fro a liter wan tot find a 1/2 liter; can’t seem ti find any


I didn’t get any ph down in my sample kit either. I used the little bottle for transplant shock when I transplanted them yesterday but no nutes other than that because her feeder leaves are still supplying her for now. They should die off soon and I will start feeding once that happens.


@MattyBear thanks for tne prayers my friend
Did tou get feed schedule its loose at best
I started feeding my schedule as follows feed water water feed
And went to water feed water once i was close to flower and have continued that schedule
The feeding schedule waa worked out by survey of customers and will newd to be adjusted
I have only used the promix
I would follow @Myfriendis410 suggestions on the coco
I have never used coco myself
I only got the up as well in my kit
Andbthats what youll need when you feed
Ive be using my normal ph down for the water


sounds like one has to really do a lot of ph testing with these nutrients = more hassle - I to have a sample pack an ordered their smallest ph down ($21.00) amason for litier couldn’t find a 500 mg bottle - keep me informed about you ph - don’t they say to test ph before every feeding


you should be testing ph before every watering and feeding no matter what line of line of nutrients you use
Just a heads up
I have actually found these nutrients are very easy to work with just make sure tou stir during the whole feeding process
I stir then take a pitchers worth out feed repeat
The mix separates quickly
@MattyBear i found the growth rate to be faster in my case bot sure if it was nutrients or promix


you are right !!! sativa Strain like a it higher “PH” than Indica’s ------------------ Indica’s like(can take high 5 and low 6 PH were as sativa’s like high 6’s


@MattyBear you can use lemon juice in a pinch and it works fine.

I’m running a variety of strains and my nutes are always between 5.5 and 5.8. I defy you to even find one nute burned tip on one of my plants. Ph outside that range and you risk problems. At the very least stunted growth.

I would strongly suggest that you keep your tds values in veg around 600 to 700 ppm at 5.5 to 5.8 ph and if you are using RO water or low hardness (under 200 ppm) to add cal mag.

If you follow that you’d better stand back because they are monsters.


@Myfriendis410 all good suggestions for the coco
Treat coco as hydro and youll be fine :+1:


I did get the feed schedule with the kit. I’ll begin it as they recommend and adjust as needed. Thanks again buddy. Glad you and @bob31 became mentors on here. You guys are awesome. :+1:


Thanks @MattyBear Much Appreciated! :smiley::+1::v::palm_tree: