Nectar For The Gods- Zuess Juice vs Superthrive


Do they compare?


Zeus Juice was “Part C” of our original three part line. It is the catalyst in the line
and is an essential part of nutrient absorption without a microbial field.
Compounds in Zeus Juice are 100% water soluble and are absorbed immediately,
acting as a catalyst to produce accelerated growth and nutrient uptake.
With increased metabolic rates, Zeus Juice offers optimal nutrient availability,
healthy plant growth, healthy prolific rooting and protection from transplant shock.
Zeus Juice can also be used as a germination aid, softening
the seed coat and providing nutrients for the first stages of life.

7.0% Humic Acids derived from leonardite
0.5% Kelp Extract (derived from Ascophyllum nodosum) as a microbial food


SUPERthrive smells like the liquid vitamins we took as a child, which is mostly what it is:
a combination of B vitamins and the growth hormone, auxin. “Plus over 50 secret proprietary
ingredients that we do not disclose,” said Thomson.
“Contains: Vitamin B-l – 0.09%, 1-Naphthyl acetic acid – 0.048%.

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I typically love products with Kelp extract and humic acid for shock and stress reduction
Tend to favor Liquid Karma over super thrive
To me looks like decent transplant shock reducer or cloning aid


Thank you Sir for your input! @Donaldj

Maybe we should add Liquid Karma @dbrn32


I agree about liquid karma, good stuff!


I think so considering. I’m checking on dosage


I have only used Superthrive and it works well, but I don’t have anything to compare it to…

Does the sample pack include the Zuess Juice? I haven’t opened my box yet, lol


Im using zues juice for 2nd time and i like it. Other the comp. Tea with kelp meal for transplants i dont habe much to compared it to though.


@Kcdaniels said he had it, so I assume it does. Will be home in a few to check my box.

Here is basic nute schedule from nog. You think it would be a good idea to just try the 5ml of the Zeus juice in place of the super thrive? Or go with recommended feeding for seed/clone?


@bob31yes mine did.


My experience with liquid karma was in place of earth juice catalyst when I knocked over entire jug. Not the same, but closest local shop had.

I have used it in solution to soak rapid rooters in and random splashes here and there since. It seems to be very popular with organic and hydro growers looking to add humic acid. Perhaps @Donaldj could speculate more. I’m really not a nutrient guy, barely know what I use lol. Since the ff trio and gh base seem to be most popular, I’m not sure how it fits. As for the masses, and how/when to apply.


My Sample kit contains these items…
And I love it!



Mine had, ezbloom tea in it also. A instant (24hr)microbial tea.


@Familyman420 mine did too and it works great too


heres the full chart

I’m not sure at what strength to use that for transplant shock? @dbrn32


If it were me, I would probably try the 1 tsp per gallon of the Zeus Juice by itself if I was in soil. But that’s all I really know. That promix you guys use, is it amended with anything? If it has nothing, I would maybe try this.

Edit. 5ml per gallon is about the same as 1 tsp. I would reduce that to mix like 1.25 ml per quart, Or even a smaller amount. As you had mentioned earlier, he won’t need much.


Yep exactly. I think that is the safe thing to do! @dbrn32 @Kcdaniels


@Kcdaniels ph’d of course. I’m sure you knew that, but jic.

Also, if you don’t mind, keep some notes as this may potentially fit into a couple categories here if it seems to help. It appears quite a few members have the sample pack, so you could be a trendsetter lol.


Yes will do…I went ahead and used the Zeus Juice and the SLF -100…


@bob31 I used the small bottle for transplant shock at 1tsp per gallon and I noticed almost no signs of shock whatsoever. Just my observation from my experience. :+1:


Thanks @MattyBear