Nectar for the gods soil #4


Oh yeah I did too and it done fine for me, it’s just too much for me as I grow quite a few, too many bottles vs ff or an…@whodat66


Yes it’s getting kinda nasty here where I live @Laurap but I’m good…and I’m sure @Sasquatch is too…probably got a good cave somewhere he can hunker down in if need be


Im with you on nectar @Laurap to much to keep track of. I tried flower power and was really impressed with it. And will use it again. IGLM has their name on it now but its the same stuff.


we were pic-nicking in the front yard yesterday


Gee know I am second guessing my desicion to use them. I already own the sample pack so we will see how it goes.


Same here @Sasquatch…I have my flower power and I’m gonna give it a go along with ff


Yes go ahead and use them @Smokin_ernie…it is good stuff…I grew some beautiful plants this year with it but it just takes so much…when you have to buy a gallon of a product to grow that’s too much imo


I was giving these autos Flower Power Start then FP grow now going start Bergman’s Flowertime. They’ll be 5 weeks Thursday I think


@Smokin_ernie My sample pack is out for delivery today. I am never sold on advertisements, and I have found that some people that bash stuff sometimes also have a hard time following directions. So I’ll put due diligence into a comparative grow between that and FF.


Cool tag me if you don’t mind when you get going. U tube has some good stuff on NFTG there is one the ocgfam which goes through the full line and then some.


I’ll tag you in to what I have going now. Limited space, so I’m thinking of doing an 8-cola mainline on 2 GDP’s side by side in 5gal pots.


I use these NFTG nutes
Medusa’s magic
Zeus juice
Gaia mania
Athena’s amenas
Herculean harvest
Demeters destiny
Mega Morpheus
Aphrodite’s extraction
Hygea hydration
Tritons trawl
Calcium syrup
Bloom chaos

And I use the full line of AN nutes

The only one I don’t like measuring is the Zeus juice and that’s bc it’s just plain messy and black. I find if I use a pipette it’s no different to mix than my AN line.

There are positive and negatives to all lines. I love AN but man some of them just plain smell bad. NFTG has a few I love the smell of. I also notice some strains get nute burn quick with NFTG and I have to push hard with the AN to get the same results. I prefer my plants have painted nails with just a slight nute burn.

I see some people don’t like the number of bottles. I prefer it this way. I can control most micronutes the way I want. The nutes that have 1 or 2 bottles u have no control over what goes in just how much.

Just depends what works with your growing style.


That is why I like the addition of the FF ‘crystals’ because they are specifically designed for the different phases of flower, no complaints yet, and I just did the last ‘beastie-bloom’ feeding. Might just be my growing style like you said, but so far they have worked for me, and without any of that ‘half-strength’ stuff.

I was looking into their ‘gringo’ line when the free sample thing came up. I agree that controlling the different parts of the grow is good, but I like when other people figured it out and I just have to follow directions.


So the Nectar line is good and if your looking for 100% organic this would be my choice
There are alot of parts but this is because of tnem being organic
The fox farms is good stuff but not organic only big bloom is organic in the base trio
The dry trio works great @Whodat66 i use it as a bloom booster on all my grows no matter what line of nutrients im using
I use the Remo line now but still add ff dry trio at flower once a week when feeding :wink:


@Whodat66 I had a good looking plant using this stuff. It was just the hassle of so many parts.
its a natter of 1 tsp of product as opposed to 4 teaspoons of stuff and a couple table spoons per gallon of water.