Nectar For the Gods Sample Box Advice Needed

Hello all, seems like two or three times a day I’m finding new questions to ask. For everyone who suggested I check out the sample box of this line, and to anyone else who’s used it, my latest question is:

How long will the sample box last? The next run (with the sample box) will be either 4 or 6 plants, autoflowers, in 3liter air pots (final containers size, potting up from jiffy pellet to fabric seedling bag, to one liter air pot, to 3 liter air pot. I will be growing in a 70/30 mix of coco and perlite, in my greenhouse, no supplemental lights (sorry) I am familiar with high frequency fertigation and have used this method along with EC measurements to administer fertigation. Sounds so complicated and scientific .

So…will this sample box last me the full 12-14 weeks required for my plants, or will I run out of something and scramble to get it? Also, which additional products to the line do you feel would absolutely make a difference in my yield quality or quantity? All advice is appreciated

@Spiney_norman, maybe you can help with this? Or know anyone else who has used this line with coco and autoflowers?

It should last that long with just 4-6 plants.

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@Covertgrower thank you. I checked out the company yesterday and ordered the sample box. I’m trying to read all the articles and watch videos of people who use it (for weed). I want to make the most out of this next run and grab a couple supplements from their line as well, if I know it’ll make a big difference. I am really looking more for quality than quantity.

A lot of growers have said the terpenes were off the hook with this line. Tritons trawl was the one that came most recommended. A little pricy for me, I grow a little both quantity and quality.

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@Covertgrower thanks, I’ll look into that. Budget being what it is (4 kids, 17, 15, 12, 2) I have to save in small increments and make heavily weighted choices lol. Four plants at a time is still a little iffy for me in the greenhouse, so knowing what I know, I want to try two plants with the nutrients in the sample pack, and then two with the additional supplements, like a side by side comparison? Just so I can tell the boss that I know for a fact that this particular supplement has benefits, and they can see it too. Ha, the proof is in the pudding. Or weed, as it is.

Ooooo didn’t know about this sample pack just put my order in I would love to a have something to compare dyna nutes to that I’ll use on my next grow

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Jacks nutrients is affordable too, if you want to go with affordable that works well. Sounds like I’m in the same boat as you, except my father in law lives with us too. lol. So 7. 8 if you count the dog.

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@GreenSnek ikr, sample packs! It’s still gonna cost a bit to ship it to me, but man oh man, if it’s worth it.

@Covertgrower nah, I still got u beat! My 22 yr old sister is doing her master’s, but still comes home one weekend a month and all holidays, with her boy friend. Also, a lab, a husky, an american bully, two mama mice with a total of 9 baby mice (don’t ask…they are the property of the 12 year old) a bird, a bunny, and a hamster. Why? I don’t know. I really don’t understand how this happens.


I think instead of buying a couple NfTG supplements to use as a side by side with my sample pack… Maybe I could buy the small bag of jacks line and do three plants with the sample pack and three packs with the Jacks?

@Covertgrower what do u think?

I think if you have money to do it, I think you should.

:laughing: Were in the same boat. 4 kids, 7 dogs, 3 puppies, and a bird. :weary:


Well, we gotta spend some money on our grows somewhere lol. I’m still new to this whole thing, so I’m still learning. I didn’t want to go to either end of the newbie spectrum, which seems to be: the guy who drops a bag seed in his backyard and sees what happens, and, the guy who drops 3 grand on an awesome set up, but really has a bunch of useless things that he’ll need to upgrade like now and doesn’t even have half of the things he actually needs to get healthy plants. But still, I can read as many reviews and journals as I can, and I won’t really know what works for me until I try it. So…I’m gonna do it. I’m not starting my next run till after Christmas anyway. The ones I have now will be ready to harvest around November and I should be able to use some by New years. Assuming I actually make it to that stage lol. Plenty of time to save slowly for the new nutes. Do you use fabric pots or air pots? Cause I am getting the AirPots (6 of each of size 1 and size 3) for Christmas. My gift to my future sanity and health :grin:


@AloysiusDevadanderAbercrombie oof. You secretly love it though… occasionally

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Exactly. They so sweet when they’re sleeping. :laughing:

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:joy: yeah

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I use a combination of different pots. I use plastic and fabric. Air pots are over priced for what they are in my opinion.
I purchased the plastic pots awhile back when I picked up 50 one gallon containers. For $1.30 a piece, at the local hydro shop, it was cheaper and faster than amazon.

As far as expenses go, lighting is number one cost.
Grow space/tent
Exhaust fan,
Grow containers,
Nutrients. I recommend Jacks based on cost, and it works very well.
Ph pen
Ppm pen
Sensor for RH and temperature

After all of those basic equipment pieces are acquired anything else is extra.


I would throw a digital programmable timer on that list I would’ve hated to have to manually switch my lights on an off everyday


At the moment, I’m using my greenhouse with no supplemental lighting. Still working on dialing in the temp/humidity, but between the portable ac, the portable heater, the fans, and a cheap cheap old old dehumidifier, I’m doing ok. I will be getting a better dehumidifier by mid flower, cause the one I have is making me twitchy thinking about the drying phase.

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