Nectar for the gods question

Do you think it would be beneficial to mix calcium in your soil mix ie egg shells crushed and mixed in sence this neut line binds to calcium to be taken in by plant

It really depends on your medium you are currently using if you were making your own compost I would say yes if you’re just going to add it to your plant I would not do so . You can always try it out and see what happens I’m doing a side by side with nectar vs Remo

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I use promix and add blood meal and worm castings all organic and vermiculite and was thinking about crushing up a dozen egg shells and mixing in with it

I have added pulverized dolomite lime @Sirsmokes, mix some in to the ffof

NFTG is calcium based instead of nitrogen? Or am I missing something?

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It is calcium based that’s why I was asking

then you wouldn’t need to supplement calcium at all.


It comes with a liquid calcium but says to use 1 to 2 tsp so my thinking is the neit’s are so expensive can I put a natural calcium so I can only use the smallest amount of the liquid calcium as these liquid neuts are moRe expensive. But I appreciate everyone taking the time to answer

Are you referring to Demeters destiny or the Herculean harvest?

I will look as to which one I’m referring to I believe it’s the destiny one but the bottle says liquid calcium

Judging by the Demeters destiny not being a part of the basic schedule, I wouldn’t guess it to be terribly crucial. The Herculean harvest on the other hand, I understand to be the carrier for the entire line. If you’re looking to cut costs it may be a better idea to just use all of the supplemental bottles at a reduced strength than to try and replace with something that may not be compatible with the other nutrients.

On the other hand, if you can find a natural/organic replacement at some savings, that would be pretty cool. I just want to keep you from wasting a ton of cash and time trying to reinvent the wheel. As there are already a ton of sources for organic super soil type mixes, along with teas and organic compounds to feed. It would probably be much more cost efficient to replace store bought nutrient lines altogether rather than to look at replacing a specific bottle.

I’m too busy trying to keep up with lights and just too lazy to mess with it. But I know there’s a lot of info out there. I know a lot of people claim the cheapest way to go organic is with jacks classic. Can’t argue that myself, as I’ve never bought it. But there are plenty of people who swear by it. May be worth looking into as well.