Nectar For The Gods Nutrients



So I got the Nectar For The Gods sample pack.

I have the following:
Gaia Mania
Medusas Magic
Demeters Destiny
Zeus Juice
Athena’s Aminas
Herculean Harvest
Olympus UP
Bloom Khaos
Foliar Spray & Root Dip
Dr. Root Sample Microbial Rooting aid

Has anyone had any experiences they could share, please and thank you


I’ve seen a few growers with it an I may have to jump on this wagon and get it to try in comparison


@Usmcjojo is the man for this line


@AmnesiaHaze I got you bro let me know if you have any questions.



Theres also a thread on the line lets talk nectar or something
Linked up above lol
Your going to like them


I got one too. Have not used it yet. Supposed to be real good stuff


Your going to love it @latewood
@Usmcjojo is the go to guy on it He uses it exclusively


Yes thank you everyone. @Dieselgrower @Hogmaster @Usmcjojo @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 @latewood

I do have a question for you @Usmcjojo with your experience using this line, is the calcium additive enough or do i need to get a cal/mag supplement?

Does the NFTG line work well with other nutrients? Such as Fox Farms, or GH products? Do I need a cal/mag supplement ?

Lastly, what is your mix for the 3 stages? Seedling, Veg, and flower. What compounds do you strengthen and what compounds do you ween off during end of veg and end of flower? Do you need to regularly flush with Herculean Harvest?

Thanks so much, and if anyone else has their input please do so, it is much appreciated.


Check out “Oregon’s constant gardener” on utube…
He has a series of videos . On the NFTG line with the owner of the company…great stuff :ok_hand::sunglasses:


got it thanks @Kcdaniels


@AmnesiaHaze I’m real high right now but I will work on a response I got you.


It might be a good idea to follow the directions provided by the company that spent a ton of money to develop this system for you. :slight_smile:

I think you may realize that each grower may use this product differently. Whatever grow method you use; Environment; Etc…

Just a couple thoughts. Peace


From my understanding the feeding schedule can be asjusted
And is base on a 50-50 survey meaning 50% use less and 50% use more all depending on environment and crop or strain
But starting with recommendations is a good base and starting point
Hahahah go figure one of our members is really high lmao @Usmcjojo


But I can also tell you @Usmcjojo has this line down I know there are tricks even using some of the flower nutrients during veg


You are 100% correct. I will follow the directions, although I was unsure if anyone using this nutrient system to grow cannabis and needed any other supplements. The Sample kit only comes with olympus up (PH up) because the nutrients added to your mix are very acidic and no PH down (hades down) is needed. lol so just wondering if anyone using the sample pack needed any other sort of supplement such as a cal or mag or even a soluble additive. Thanks for the response oh fearless leader! @latewood :four_leaf_clover:


Thanks for your input @Countryboyjvd1971 i would have to say the environment the roots are in matters the most, along with air movement and temperature control. I was curious id anyone with the sample pack had any sort of deficiency or anything that they needed to add a supplement nutrient, and what was compatible. thanks again bro. and yeah go figure lol i was high when i wrote this :smile:


@Hogmaster awesome im excited to hear what he has to share :wink:


If you go by the directions you will be happy with your results


Thanks @Hogmaster your the best. I will post up any issues I have. If any.