Nectar for the gods F.A.Q

I will make some pics of the Amnesia from GrowersChoice and upload them asap. She is literally gorgeous other than some tip burn and got everything the girl crush got. I haven’t taken any recently because of being so focused on sick Girl Crush. Four other happy and healthy plants have now gotten the same 40/60 coco blend, correctly ph’d water, started from half dose/lowest feeding, and they are all fine. Starting to think maybe weak Genetics from Twenty20 Mendocino are the real culprit. One of the things that nobody seems to be able to answer is what to do AFTER flush when you get good pH and good ppms that show the plants eating! Half dose? No nutrients for a couple feedings? (but what about starving it?) etc and it is one of the things that has tripped me up the most. Big thanks to anyone with advice. Tom

Always feed after flushing. At least half strength, but usually a full feeding if it has been underfed and a half dose if the issue was a toxicity and not a deficiency


Awesome. Thanks Mattybear. That was a real sticking point for me.


Hows they looking? Yup Matty is the goat… guys a wealth of info on all kinda mediums


I appreciate that my dude @PurpNGold74 but I’m by no means the goat of anything haha. I know enough about enough I guess :rofl::man_shrugging::call_me_hand:t3:

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Pictures of both girls. First two girl crush, second two are amnesia. Both got the same everything but Girl Crush is sick as hell and the Amnesia looks beautiful. Apologies on the wait, but not only has it been extremely difficult to get help, (got told to basically f-off by the NFTG Facebook groups/rollitup nftg forum/Scott O just ignored emails after contacting me/etc) I’m in the middle of moving and there are only a few weeks left on them anyway. There is pretty much no saving the girl crush and I’ll be shocked if I get anything usable from a six foot tall plant that was the picture of health before flower. I have basically given up but here go the pics anyway just to see what happens. Thomas

I just saw an interview with Scott Ost. on the OCGFAM show and he was saying that even at 5.9 all your micro-biology will die off! I apologize for the way this will sound but why is the man who created the NFTG basically saying I should never have my pH below 5.9?? I guess it could be due to me using coco but five other plants have been the picture of health in a 60/40 coco mix using the pH numbers given on the feeding charts. (6.1-6.3 Veg 6.3-6.8 Flower) Are you sure about the pH numbers you gave me even in coco??

I quit using NFTG years ago because it’s too many bottles to mess with for me. I switched to Jacks 321 and haven’t looked back. I don’t know what else to tell you, but if the guy said it works at 5.9, and coco can be ph’d from 5.8-6.2, then I don’t think I told you anything he hasn’t. That is the optimal ph range for soilless mediums, coco included. Where did I mislead you? Coco ph will crash in late flower too, so feeding with a slightly higher ph isn’t a bad thing necessarily, as long as it’s within range and watered to runoff daily