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So I have been meaning to write a response to all the basic questions about Nectar for the Gods. Before I get into the meat and potatoes of this product I thought I should share some background information about this product. Nectar is unique in that it was never created for the masses and was never meant to be distributed to the masses. This product was developed by one person in a response to the over saturation of synthetic products on todays market. Thus nectar does not spend a lot of time marketing their product because they would rather remain small and the product be results driven therefore advertising is through word of mouth. That’s why the feeding schedule is the way it is the rates are a collective and average usage given to nectar by growers whom use the product. All new products in their line are requests from growers like you and me then the team tries to accommodate those request by developing some type of product to meet the demand. If it isn’t possible then the product doesn’t get made. The only reason us non-Oregon growers know about this product is because the developer of the line got hosed by a large company. Lucky his friend had a grow store and offered to sell his product and that’s how Nectar for the gods came to be heavily truncated by the way. That is the short version so now that you know a little back story on how this product came to be it should be easy to follow the rest of the blog. Now that you know the product was created by growers for growers you can begin to understand the flexibility of the product as long as you follow certain rules. RULE #1 NEVER DILUTE THE AMOUNT OF HERCULEAN HARVEST MORE IS BETTER LESS IS A DISATER…
Now that that’s out of the way I will begin with a little info on each product and how best to use it in the line.
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Product number one the basic grow MEDUSA MAGIC the product I have shows a N-P-K ratio of 2-5-2 this is the only product that cannot be rated as fully organic. The reason being this product contains calcium nitrate to help stabilize the product and keep this particular product from binding its calcium molecules prematuarly. This is the only product in the line that contains trace amounts of calcium nitrate as a binder not as nutrition for the plant. The amounts are so minimal that you can do a whole grow and not see any problems from excess salts. Besides calcium nitrate this item contains: worm castings, Soybean meal, feather meal, bone meal, monopotassium phosphate, and potassium sulfate. This product can be used throughout the grow if desired if you want to cut this product out during mid to late flower you can and later I will show you what products you can use to replace this particular nutrient with.


Product number 2 is GAIA MANIA which is the bloom formula of the group N-P-K is 1-5-1 .If you want to feed normal house plants you can use Medusa and Gaia along with Zeus juice and those are the only products your plant would need. However this is a cannabis blog not a garden blog so I will tell you that this is the oldest product in the line and one of the most important if your plants are stressed this product will assist in a quick recovery I use a TBL spoon per gallon and 1 tsp of Zeus juice every transplant and have never had a problem. This product should be used throughout the entire grow its very gentle and only contains: Soybean meal, Feather meal, bone meal, and worm castings. All products contain some sort of microbial food in this case it is humic acid and kelp extract. Nothing really else to say about this product moving on.


Because this next product is so unique i thought it would be better if you watched my buddy Scott explain Athenas Aminas.

The NPK is 0.5-0-0


Outstanding @Usmcjojo
thanks for posting and sharing your knowledge about this product
Ill be following along brother
So many of the members are trying the line im sure it will help many :+1: and myself



Thanks for taking the time to post this!
Set to watching.


Real nice post @Usmcjojo!

Oddly enough, @bob31 and I had kind of identified the use of Zeus Juice as a transplant shock inhibitor a while back for @Kcdaniels. Pretty excited that read that, as nutrients not my strong suit. I’m learning though.

I’m so have a question if you don’t mind, if they’re using mkp, I was under the understanding that it’s not organic either. Do I have some information crossed up there?


This is great info :+1::+1: thanks for posting it…
I’ve been watching the videos and have learned a lot from them but seeing it in writing is better for me…

I’m in my first grow so I don’t have much experience with other nute lines…but I love the nftg line so far :sunglasses:


No NPK just means npk in any form organic or synthetic. @dbrn32


Mkp as in monopotassium phosphate. You said they use that, is there an organic source for that? Or are they using salts as well for that as the calcium nitrate?


Sorry brother late night I miss read that yes this is the only product in
the line that is not organic which is the Medusa


Ya no worries. I could see where the confusion would be as I used abbreviation and it’s very similar.

So the Medusa contains both the cal nitrate and monopotassium phosphate then if I’m reading correctly, got it. Thanks!


Yes those compounds are being used in trace amounts to stabilize and preserve but in trace amounts the Herculean binds those elements and makes them to large to uptake.


I kind of have to check out at that point. I’m not particularly sound in how the chemical reactions take place and what not.

I do know that people are out there feeding their plants mixtures of calcium nitrate, monopotassium phosphate, and magnesium sulfate, along with a powdered mix of soluable traces as a stand alone nutrient line. And claiming to have success. This stuff being available in the powdered form for pennies per dose.

It’s essentially the same stuff that every other synthetic nutrient manufacturer is using along with water in their 3 part. I’ve been snooping around quite a bit on this lately. With the eco standards a few of the states getting stricter, they’re requiring the manufacturers to submit more data and testing be posted. In order to be sold in those particular states anyway. So their “proprietary” blends aren’t quite as big of a secret as they use to be. Not to reflect this or any other product really. But for instance I seen somewhere the supposed exact chemical breakdown with ppm levels of AN connoisseur parts a and b. Followed up with measuring and mixing instructions of each element to copy it.

I’m not exactly one to believe everything I read on the internet either. But at the cost of that particular line, I’d be giving it a try if I was a user for sure.

Anyway, keep up the good work bro! You may just talk me into holding onto my sample pack.


I have the sample pack in the closet waiting for spring! Good to get some more info on this stuff @Usmcjojo


This is great thanks @Usmcjojo! I’ve been using NFTG on my current grow and am loving it so far. I’m using the BK as a feed in instead of Foliar during Veg because I didn’t want to Foliar. Am I being an idiot and doing more harm than good? Thanks! I put in a ton of HH each feed so much I bought the gallon to make sure I have enough for this grow.


@Tylan as long as when you foliar it is directly after a full feeding you will be fine just know that as they grow they will want a lot of nutrients.


@tylan misunderstood your question yes you can soil drench instead I have done it that way just keep in mind she will be very tall if you do not LST. When I soil drenched BK without lst i ended up with almost 6’ plants strong and healthy but tall.


Next product is HERCULEAN HARVEST the back bone of the line I would purchase this product by the gallon this is your flush and binder. This product contains Bone meal that’s it nothing fancy just liquid bone meal with an NPK of 0-6-0. What is so amazing about this product is that it binds the calcium in the soil in particulates easily consumed by the microbial field. All the excess nutrients get tied up in particulates to large to be uptaken by the plants. Those large particulates are then washed out with the run off that’s why you can flush with Herculean and Aphrodite’s the Aphrodite’s is food for the microbial field so that they stay alive during the flush. Herculean harvest is very important when using bloom chaos so important that I have to explain what and how bloom chaos works. Bloom chaos is an additive meant to stimulate plant vigor and growth it does so by tricking the plant into believing it is deficient in calcium. The plant then begins to consume all available calcium this is great since the line is calcium driven. Herculean harvest creates a bonded chain of calcium that the plant consumes with out abundant Herculean harvest the plant cannot consume all the calcium it needs quickly enough. The plant will show cal mag deficiency within hours that is why it is important to always apply bloom chaos only on full feedings and always with plenty of Herculean harvest. That’s why it is easier to buy gallon sizes because if not you will run out mid grow if you grow more than one plant. If not your plants are likely showing deficiency’s because you aren’t using enough Herculean.


DEMETERES is the next product which is calcium phosphate NPK is 0-0.5-0 this product is your basic calcium product. THis product adds density to your product as well as keep regular calcium levels in check this product in conjunction with Medusa’s magic is all the cal mag you need. This calcium supplement should be used throughout the entire grow.