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Good White widow seeds germination


white widow is a easy,forgiving strain that will knock your socks off…lol
any problems germinating?


No problems germinating just don’t know if this light is good enough. Any thoughts


Woohoo i just started 7 ww autos last week
@Happyweed84 and @BIGE is correct they are a good strain that is forgiving lol
Looks like the sprout is reaching for your light


led grow bulb?
welcome to ilgm by the way @Happyweed84


Welcome to the forum! I’d suggest upgrading lighting ASAP as mentioned it looks like your plants are stretching to the light already which means it’s probably barely enough even at this stage of growth so as it gets bigger your only going to lack more.


Light is to close as a seedling 40 in away then when they get a bit leafy u go 18 to 24 above tops it’s a led light to intense


If I move the light a little bit would it get enough light I have a 28w full spectrum led bulb. Moved to 30cm and this morning they look good and straight.


A FULL SPECTRUM GROW LIGHT. Unlike most other grow lights that come with 1 or 2 different wavelenght ranges, our grow light comes with 15 Red, 7 Blue, 4 White, 1 IR and 1 UV LED elements
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Yes the move away made it so then can relax a bit and get on point and the reds do nothing for u in veg. Veg likes the blue lights and the white that said the or and I’ve is nice and they are the main reason of why u need the distance with the led if I remember correctly


I would say see how your yield is at end and u can do what I did and try with a t5 system and u will see the difference that’s the reason I bought a real light the difference is huge