Nearly there I think

Thinking my skittles is nearly done day 107, 1 flush so far…

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I think you may have some time to go, unless those white pistils are fox-tails (and they don’t look like they are)


Any magnified trichome pictures? I’m with @Newt they look like they’ve got a little maturing left in them.

Beautiful plant!


Close, only about 3 weeks.

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The girls would like you to let them plump up more. ayou will be happy you did.

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Fat-bottomed girls you make the rocking world go round!

@Blue85 Give 'em more time and they will rock YOUR world!


I don’t think its fox tails at all. Now this one did and it shows.

This was my fox tail after no power for 70 hrs and the house was 39 degrees the whole time. You can’t miss if from near the top and I agree some more time to go. The flowers haven’t grown in size.

@Blue85 Looking good…:+1::+1::+1:


All comments much appreciated… no fox tails on her ppl…!Iv checked with a loupe seeing clear with hints of amber hard to get pic with loupe will try tho I was gonna give her another 2weeks anyway so happy days👍🏻
Iv got another plant on go she a photo tho (expert Mac) she still bout another 5/6 weeks I think…

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