Nearing the end for 2020, downunder

Here are some pictures of my 2nd crop of Autoflowers(WW & AK-47) for this summer plus my NL#5 photoperiod feminized, which I have trimed to make it a bush for privacy and safety reasons.
This 2nd crop of Auto’s are happy as. It has been cold and wet and around 15-18 deg C with the nights into single digits. I think they like the cold and rain from the looks of things. Nothing fancy, seeds from ILGM, arrived easy in the mail. Minimum nutrients, its already in the grow medium. They love the rainwater from the looks.


wow they all look incredibly happy! Great Job :+1:t4:

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Beautiful plants! Great work.

Looking great where down under im in nz

Nice plants there mate, where in oz are you, I’m in SA.