Near harvest with burnt sugar leaves?

I have a couple of white widow gals that are nearing harvest, and I don’t know if I should harvest now, or try to wait and see if the buds fatten up a bit more. Here’s the story:
I’m growing these 2 from a couple seeds harvested from my last try from an ILGM feminized seed, that turned hermie due to my fault at the end. The seeds look to be good for future plants.

  • Method: Soil; Fox Farm OF and HF blend
  • Vessels: Fabric/Cloth Pots, 7 GAL
  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff: I keep adjusting pH to 5.8 to 6.0 IN, and getting a steady 6.9pH OUT
  • PPM: I did a flush on both white widows on Jan 5th. I finished the flush that day with them at 6.8-6.9pH and around 320ppm. Then on Jan 10th and Jan 12th, the plants got another mini flush with about 8 gallons each (first time was about 15 gallons each). They came out at 6.8pH (pH: IN was consistently 6.0), and 250ppm. So today, Jan 16th, WW2, the gal with the heavy yellowing and drying undergrowth, got more water after I pulled the leaves off and runoff was 6.9pH, 403ppm. I am troubled that ppm’s went up, and I can taste a bitter taste on the wet stems I pulled off her. I read on this forum that bitter taste means too many nutrients are still in the uptake of the plant and will affect the taste and harsh it.
  • Indoor
  • Light system: I started these girls uder some pretty great Timber LED/COB 3500k lights, but for flowering, I had to move them to a different tent and a BestVA LED Elite2000w light, which is also good.
  • Temps; Day: 77 extreme Night: 65 extreme(hovers at 73-75 all day)
  • Humidity; Day: 40 Night: 30 (In AZ, everything is dry)
  • Ventilation system; Yes, Size: 6 inch exhaust 350cfm (on low, even that creates suction), and a 6 inch clip on fan taped to a duct opening near the floor for intake.
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: I occasionally put a small heater on in the room at night until 3am. I run the lights from 3am to 3pm, so when the lights are off at nighttime, it’s a bit cold in that room.
  • Co2; No
    I get a bit rambly, so I need to number my questions to stay focused:
  1. What do you think happened at the end of my White Widow’s flowering phase? She’s on day 61 of flowering today and I was hoping to harvest both gals on Jan 18th, but White Widow 1 is giving me concern. I have descriptions in the jpg files attached that show what’s what. She was looking good on Dec 28th, the last time I took pics for reference, then she started to get super yellow leaves really fast about a week ago. Since then, I’ve been picking them off as they get weak and pop right off with no resistance. The weirdest thing I can’t figure out is the burned lower leaves on the underdeveloped bud branches, stems and even buds. The burned tip syndrome then started appearing on top buds and looks a lot like the pulling of the nutrients at the end of its life cycle, but the crispy ends that spreads throughout the leaf is what worries me. I picked those off too, so the burned-ness didn’t spread to other leaves. Not sure if that was right or wrong since they were bigger leaves near the tops of buds. I’m still very new at this; it’s basically my 3rd grow, but only a few at a time. Haven’t seen this issue yet, and I worry it also could be from some pesky little fungas gnats that I brought in with some contaminated soil a while back. I thought the problem was gone, but then I had to go to battle again, and I know them little effers were chewing up some roots, I saw the larve in the soil. I have been drying these 2 plants out pretty severely, along with another crop in a tent I have going. Sucks. So, this could also be a problem of maybe me letting it get too dry and stressing it out? Or the gnats did damage that caused the yellowing and quick drying of leaves?
    Ok, also, I did a probably bad thing and cut a bunch of the lower airy stuff on wimpy little stem-branches. I did this on day 57; was that dumb? All of it had damaged leaves on them and looked liked they’d never amount to much. I didn’t tell them that…didn’t want them to get a complex this late in life. It’s in the pics with bud sitting in the green plastic water catcher.
    Ps on issue #1: The other White Widow plant in the same tent (WW2) does not show these same problems. Her buds are beautiful, and getting fat. The leaves look like they are normally drawing nutrients to a close. So, I don’t think the environment is the problem. But, I am known to be wrong, which is why I am here :slight_smile: :grinning: And hey, I just found emojis.
  2. Should I harvest now? Or when would you do it?
  3. Please share the brand and model of trichome camera you use. My 3rd camera just bit the dust and although it is a possibility there may be some user error involved, I did have each of them working at one time. My internet sucks, my wifi sucks, my bluetooth sucks, my calls drop constantly, and I get kicked off the internet on the regular. I have used Teslong, Oneteks, and until yesterday when it broke, Inskam. It could be my internet and wifi, but I did have the cameras hooked directly, not by wifi. Anyway, what do ya’ll use?
    I’m sorry for the long post, and thanks for anyone who takes the time to read and any answers to help out

Do you still have the buds you picked off?
@PharmerBob @Myfriendis410 @PurpNGold74 @MattyBear

Read it, but I offer no help. I’m a noob my self… fiat grow in progress Pop Culture mix.
Good luck!

Your plants are looking great! It sounds like you have things pretty well figured out. No reason to stress.

I think you’re doing fine. It’s normal to have plant leaves turn yellow and shrivel up at the end. That’s what I want to see just before harvest. Also means that the nutrients are used up. Judging by your pistols I’d say you are just about ready to harvest. I like just a hint of amber before I harvest.

I use my galaxy s10 to check my trichomes. I’m able to get good photos. I’ve tried a couple different magnifying cameras and jewelry’s loop. I like the camera on the s10 the best because it’s easy to use.

Trimming the plant up so late can cause some stress on the plant as it finishes up. It shouldn’t be a big deal. I like to have everything all trimmed and trained by the end of the stretch. That way it’s smooth sailing and no stress for the rest of flower.

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Plants are winding down and depleted soil along with a maturing plant consuming N will cause this. A P,K boost might not hurt. Looks like you have more time. 2 weeks?

Light and food demands go down near the end and some burning can happen.

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@Konflict @shindig153 @3rd_Coast_Bud @Myfriendis410 Thanks for helping me out! @Konflict, I had them little baby buds sitting on that plastic dish for a couple days and they look so pitiful and dry, but yes I still have them. Is there anything I can do with them?
@3rd_Coast_Bud, if Pop Culture is the one with Skywalker, I just bought that too! Lol Good luck on yours!
@shindig153, thanks for the confidence boost! I feel better now and just trying to get my mobile camera close enough for good trichomes pics. I have the same galaxy s10, but I guess I shake too much and have the hardest time getting a good pic without crushing the bud or having to remove it to look at it (which I don’t think I could ever do).
@Myfriendis410, thanks again my friend, for hooking me up. I am so happy you always seem active on here! I was thinking about harvesting tomorrow, but yeah, I think you are right now. I still see some clear trichs in the center of the bud, but the easier trichomes to see on the smallest leaves are turning amber on some and all are at least milky on there. I am hoping closer to 2 or 3 days though. I’m going to search the best camera to use for irritatingly shaky hands.


I was going to suggest opening them to inspect for bud rot since you stated the leaf would easily detach. Just to rule out that possibility

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@Konflict, yes, I thought maybe that could be the problem too, but I don’t see signs of any. The coloring is good, just super airy and dry. I am trying to rehydrate it in a jar right now since I was a dummy and didn’t dry it right. Maybe I can put it in edibles.

@jimi You can also nuke a nug in the microwave on high for 1 minute and then smoke it. It’s how I test for what I am looking for. I pick popcorn buds off the bottom of the plant.

@MrPeat, I heard about that once, and I’m glad you said that…going to give it a try and see how it goes. Thanks!

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