Near Harvest time and the leaves turn brown

Im so close to harvest and this starts. The leave tips are turning brown and there seems to be a white powdery film on some of the leaves. I know im not doing something, any help would be much apperciated.

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It’s normal for foliage to suffer near harvest. The plant no longer prioritizes foliage in favor of using the energy to ripen flower.

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Thanks for the info. By chance what would the white powder film be?

Do you have a scope or magnifier to look at the white splotches. It almost looks alive, like worms or something. Does it wipe off?
How many days into actual flower is it?
What strain?
How is humidity in tent?

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Ok a lot there.
It does wipe off.
I would say 5 weeks into flowering.
The guy who gave me the sappling said it was called Sea Biscuit.
I dont the exact RH, id say around 50% or under.

Are they eggs? It doesn’t look like a powder?
describe more what it is.

I just looked with a powerful magnifier and they look like thick spider web.

I don’t know it spider mites make that type of web. Maybe someone can help
@Caligurl @OGIncognito @fast-grow
Being only 5 weeks into flower you have a long way to go. I imagine it is important to eliminate the pests


I agree, thank you

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Looks like the start of white powder mildew. Running rampant here in centeral UP of Michigan. I have been struggling with it on a few strains and some just seem to be immune. I spray with lost coast plant therapy in flower and neem oil if it is before flower.
I zoomed in on the pic and bet my right one that is WPM!


The spots on the leaves on this picture are white powder mildew. This was a clone only gelato that I received early spring and will not be cloning anymore because of how susceptible it is to white powder mildew. I also gave up on Bruce banner. Skywalker OG in the same tent gets absolutely no white powder mildew on it at all.

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That seems to be what i have and Im in C. Va and its been wet this year. Thanks for the info. Appreciate ya.

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Confidence like this is becoming a rarity. :face_in_clouds::laughing:


I couldn’t see a clear pic of anything but the WPM looking spots. I would treat the WPM and treat for pest to be sure. Can you post some more pics? Thanks for the tag @beardless

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Ive for sure have powder mildew on the leaves. Ive got a dehumidifier in the tent and plenty of air flow. I have some Capt. Jacks on the way, be here by Friday. Is there anything else i can do to save my baby?

uh oh… did it look like this when it began? I was going to ignore my leaves untill I see you guys mention WPM

sorry to hijack your topic bedfordbryan I’m looking to see if it gives me warning to whats coming for me…

Its quit alright Jaysittinback, i believe it did look something like that

WPM, when seen under a scope will look like a web. It’s called a mycelium run just to geek out a little bit lol.

And you said it wipes off. Bugs do their ‘things’ under the leaves, WPM on the top

Agrolyte is becoming the newest and best thing or something like Dr. Zymes or Plant Terapy.


Thank you