Natures living soil!

Has anyone ever used super soil autoflower concentrate by Natures living soil? I was looking for a little advice on uses and results. I plan on doing a sog journal of 10 to 12 auto plants in 3 gallon pots in a 4x4 indoor tent not sure on the strain yet but I have a pretty decent selection of autos from ilgm. All help is much appreciated thank you and happy growing!

My growing medium is FFOF.

12 —3 gallon pots is really crowding your grow tent.
especially if you plan on SOG.
9–5 gallon pots fill a 4x4 space with just nuff room to access the corner plants. even with medium sized plants, it gets crowded.

have you grown before? what light source?

I should of clarified a little better. I have a 2 n 1 tent and I will be tearing the wall down for 60x48. Is this enough room? Yes sir I am new to this hobby as green as they come. I will either be running a Hid 1000w with ballast (Vivosun) 1000w dimmable ballast. Or I might go Led with a tc1350 Viparspectra (dimmable Veg/bloom.) Actual wattage is 600w comparable to a 600w hid and I throw in a booster light with that. A p1500 viparspectra (dimmable veg/bloom.) Actual wattage is 150w I do believe I might be off by a nug or two. Have you used the super soil? In the mean time a couple pics of my first harvest, chopping my ladies in a few days!

Sincere Congrats. Very pretty fluffy Babies. Really don’t think auto could do much better.
What you are doing is working very well. Yeah, blowing out the dimensions will make it easy to accommodate 12 autos for SOG.
Good Luck