Naturalmedmans 2022 outdoor grow

Just let her fly that freak flag and just go. Don’t top it! She’s looking nice. Always bugs me a little when they’re under 1 ft tall and start kicking out pistils it’s like Hey, WAIT. but it usually works out :grin:

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Hoping I get at least another week or 2 before flower. I think a little LST can help increase yield a little and avoid rot. Just want it to get a little bit bigger before i start. The gorilla glue auto I started last year started showing pistils when it was about this size and it got pretty bushy with LST. I went a little overboard though :rofl:


Looks like it responded well! I don’t typically train my autos at all but maybe I’ll bend one over this round and see!

Beauty of a plant.


@Deez this is a Zkittlez I did a couple months ago. One I did some LST on and the other not so much. 8 zips verses 5. Made a difference for me with little effort.


Any difference in yield? Looks like the LST may have made a difference but that’s also a big kola on the other one.


Yes almost 3 oz more on the 1 that had the lst done.


Can I see a pic or two of your untrained plants. Do you defoliate?

Wow! They’re beauties.

I don’t do the kind of aggressive defoliation that a lot of guys do. I just takeoff leaves when they get yellow and start to die off.

For what it’s worth I do LST my photoperiod Plants.

Right now I’ve got 2G 13 autos and a Banana Kush auto going outside and I will definitely do a bit of LST to at least two of them this time around. I’m just a little weird with autos because I always feel like it’s such a race versus being in total control of a photo


@Naturalmedsman ,Thank you, it was a little different. I’ve always grown in soils, photos, and AN. These were auto’s, and were grown in Coco with Jacks nutrients and a few extras of course. @Deez I found that bending then doesn’t stress them at all. I haven’t done any topping yet, but maybe some day.


This little plant endured some crazy thunderstorms and rain. My backyard was completely flooded. Since it was in good shape I did a little LST this morning.



And a few hours later we have some new tops

It does look like it’s going to start flowering soon which will be disappointing if it does. Hopefully I still get some good buds.


Even if it does it will get crazy big still. My autos frequently flower when they’re still barely a foot tall and they just grow and flower simultaneously.


Here’s my g13 auto just when it started flowering


Don’t be disappointed. Be happy. My understanding is an auto’s gonna do what an auto’s gonna do. This plant started getting pistils at the three week mark. I named her Aggie – for aggressive. I’m in love with her now – and she’s not done yet at the end of wk. 14 from the germed seed hitting dirt. The main cola is 11 inches tall and the calyxes are as big as fat, juicy peas.


Gorgeous ladies every 1


She’s looks Great! I


Nice! Looks about the same size as mine. That gives me a little more hope :pray:

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She’s a beauty! What strain?

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Are you feeding it yet?

Not yet. I transplanted it 6 days ago into Coast of maine stonington blend. Think I should start?