Naturalmedmans 2022 outdoor grow

Hi all,

Excited to start my 2022 grow! It feels like I’ve been waiting forever!

This year I’m planning to grow ILGM super lemon haze auto and Durban poison photo. Last year I grew northern lights photo in my late season grow (Naturalmedmans late-season grow) and had a small harvest, which was fine since I don’t consume all that much. I actually still have some buds and they seem to get better as they cure. I’m also going to journal my veggie garden a little. This is the first season I’m starting veggies from seeds and using a raised bed, in addition to containers.

So here’s a quick overview of my cannabis grow:

  • strain: ILGM super lemon haze auto and Durban poison photo
  • soil: coast of Maine seed starter and then stonington/platinum
  • light: cheap clip spot light with a CFL, then sunlight
  • climate: northeast/New England
  • nutrients: worm castings, fish bone meal, langbeinite, coast of maine platinum fertilizer, molasses; once in flower I’ll probably use fox farms trio (beastie blooms, open sesame, cha ching) to bulk up the flowers

I dropped a super lemon haze auto seed in water on 5/8, 36 hours later it had a tiny tap root and I put it in soil. It sprouted 5/11. I put it in a fairly large pot for a seedling since I’ll keep it indoors for the first 2-3 weeks and then transplant to a 10 gallon fabric pot (I know, also big for an auto but I’m American and bigger is better :wink:).

Here it is today. Not much to see though.

I’m going to start the Durban poison in a week or two and it will go into a 20 gallon fabric pot.

For the garden, I’m growing:

  • peppers: bell, shishito, cayenne, red chili and cherry
  • tomato: cherry and Roma
  • sweet basil
  • romaine
  • string beans
  • mint
  • cucumbers (forgot the variety)

Already learned a lot starting from seeds. Romain and string beans hate the seedling starter and refused to germinate. Better to start them in soil. Peppers take a long time to germinate and grow past seedling stage. Basil and cucumbers germinate and grow super quick from seed and should be started later. Roma tomatoes germinate and grow quick like cannabis.

My new little seed starter kit

New raised bed. Got some Romain, shishito, cherry peppers and string beans going. Mr Owl keeping an eye on things for me.

Roma tomato in its permanent home

Thank you to everyone in this community who gave me tips last season and to those who help me out this season. I’ve learned a lot from everyone, including following all your grows.

Sorry to anyone I forgot to tag!
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Happy growing!


Very cool. I have mint and have had mint since I’ve been alive. Make sure you try to corral it, once it takes root it spreads like well. A LOT! Could take over your entire raised bed. I’m gonna grow something. I got 12 “wild seedlings” and 32 i sprouted. I’ll keep about 12 but gone give 10 away. So end up with two. I love growing marijuana.
The peppers sound real good.
I do have some onions in.
I’m gonna try to do a journal when I put them in the ground.

Happy growin


Excited 4 the journey and the strains you selected. Durban poison is a good 1


Good luck.

I haven’t grown ILGM’s Durban Poison, but I’ve done a few grows with another breeders version. It’s not a quick flowering plant. I believe ILGM lists theirs as 10-14 weeks for flower. Depending on where you are it may not have enough time to finish. It’s a great energetic strain though.

I’ll be following along. :+1:


Looks like you’re off to a great start buddy can’t wait to see how they turn out, and the process you take to get there​:grin::pray::potted_plant::grin::pray::potted_plant::heart::100:


Hey man thanks for the tag! I’ve been looking forward to this getting started :slight_smile:

It sounds like you ran the gamut of learning win to start what as far as veggies go this season. I’m on about my third year of starting all my vegetables from seed and we’re just finally getting it dialed in as far as timing goes and still making plenty of mistakes along the way.

In your observations on seed sprouting dovetail with what I’ve seen as well. I always start my lettuce in trays filled with seedling mix and then transplant them into the garden once they get at least one good size True leaf. Peppers can take absolutely forever to sprout but I found that a heat mat helps a lot. One thing we learned about peppers last year was that even though they are slow to start and take a while to get any bigger than little tiny sprouts you don’t want to be fooled into starting them too early. They just sort of start flowering on their own and last year we started ours in like March and we were picking off flowers left and right off of 8” tall starts even before we moved them outdoors to the garden. Too soon!!

Awesome garden man can’t wait to watch it grow!


Thanks for the tag!! Set to watch! I start most of my veggies from seed with a few exceptions. We have a large lot so the mint doesn’t scare me. When things get really bad even the deer eat it :woman_shrugging:

The only veggies outdoors so far are the tomatoes, butternut squash, zucchini, lots of hot peppers for the friction moles, and carrots… I am undecided what to plant in the enclosed garden (my ‘sacred’ garden) because last year, the pole beans attracted aphids to my weed


Don’t plant near artichokes! That’s where I got aphids from last season…… friggen bugs in mah buds!


Ugh! Yes! We finally had some nice sized artichokes last year and when I brought them in to clean and eat them they were FULL of bugs! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I imagine the same as not to plant near cabbage or Brussel Sprouts!

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Hope you don’t mind if I :eyes: Sounds like a nice selection @Naturalmedsman! Raised bed looks great!


@Naturalmedsman hope you don’t mind me watching I’m in for a sweet outdoor grow, also @Gerant @HippieRunner1 I’ll be watching yours as well HAPPY GROWS!!!:100::100::deciduous_tree::evergreen_tree::sunglasses::sun_with_face::sunny::evergreen_tree::deciduous_tree:


heck yeah! Who doesn’t love a big ol’ sun grown sativa!


Thanks for the responses and support!

@Gerant i learned that lesson about mint from my father in law as it infested his yard lol. I keep the mint in pots on my patio to be safe. Looking forward to seeing your yard cannabis forest this season! Always impressive.

@CurrDogg420 @Dforce yes, please do follow along and tag me in your grows!

@Caligurl i had terrible aphids last season in my tomatoes and squash. They didn’t bother with my cannabis. Maybe I got lucky :thinking:

@Drinkslinger I’m super nervous about the flowering time on Durban. Frost shouldn’t be an issue but rot is an issue starting in October due to humidity and rain.

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Thanks for the tag man! Hey I started a journal Gerant not sure if it’s my kinda thing but I will try. I’m in the ground!
Happy growing,


Looks like a great start. Tag me in your journal. I can never find anything lol. Probably didn’t even post mine correctly.

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Way to go @Gerant, I’m to chicken to put out before Memorial day weekend, seems like every time I do, I get frost, so I always wait even though I’m in a greenhouse. Plus I’m doing so minor upgrades, so it’s not quite ready.

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Curious if you guys who start so early are worried about daylight hours. I typically wait til end of may to put em out just because I’m afraid they’ll start flowering due to short days in early may.

I’m at about the 45th parallel


I am at the 45th parallel too. In Michigan. I looked forward and I see a couple 45 degree nights. I only put out two of mine so far. The others are all from last grow seeds. They just popped up! They know when it’s good to grow!
This is my fourth grow and I have not experienced any early flowering yet. Actually I worry about the darn height. Ten footers are hard to hide in the neighborhood…
Happy growin


47th parallel here

Daylight hours are not a concern. I’ve taken plants that were inside on 16/8 and just started leaving them outside early to mid May and the plants didn’t care.


Yes, you did!!! Mine came because of the beans but stayed cuz of the sacred plants

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