Naturally pH your water

I was wondering if one could use a couple drops of lemon juice to naturally pH down their water without harming the living soil? I know you can use citric acid crystals but that’s more expensive then the store bought lemon I have. lol Does anyone know if it’s safe to do so?

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Organic super soil sounds intimidating. I say go for it but you’ll need to know your mix by volume…

That way it’s replicable for future use, and the soil gods can help you when I fux your grow up.

It’ll work in hydro why not soil?

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Will it be safe, probably it’s all acids 1 way or another, or you get a quart of nectar for the gods hades down for about 20 bucks thatll naturally get you down and last you a long time

When using living soil there is no need to ph your water. You also don’t want to use an RO water filter. I would recommend using a carbon filter making sure it is capable of removing chlorine and or chloromine whichever is being used by your water co

My tap water comes out of the faucet at a pH of 8 the living soil I have states not to go over a pH of 7. That’s why I’m looking to lower the pH. I’ve heard before the pH doesn’t matter in living soil but this one has me concerned.

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That is pretty far off. I used store bought ph down until I started growing in living soil. My tap water runs between 7.3 and 7.6 I use it straight for watering but at 8 I think you are going to have to get it down just a little. Reading around I’ve seen lemon juice and vinegar being used for ph down, haven’t tried either one but that’s what I’ve read. If you end up buying some make sure it’s organic some ph adj is fatal to your living soil critters, or at least this is what I’ve read. It’s hard to tell what’s what online every other thing you read contradicts the previous one you just read. It’s stupid hard to get a straight answer from the internet

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I’m using vinegar in my water and seem to be working great in my soil


I learned from BuildASoil that adding lemon to water to pH is fine to do. Adding lemon to your soil is not good. (I never had any intention to add lemon to the soil) Just sharing this in case someone reads this wondering the same questions.

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