Natural water source


There is a creek very close to my house I’ve been thinking about using to water my plants. However I’ve got sone questions and wanting some opinions. The creek before it reaches my area starts from farms. Soo it has a lot of farm run off I’m afraid. I have seen tadpoles and minnows in it but only in a couple areas. The creek is only a foot out soo deep it has sone areas it moves a little faster and is pretty shallow but the deeper areas about 2-4 feet are VERY slow moving it appears. Soo my question about this is would this be safe to use. OR, my girlfriends parents live right on a lake. Would this be better to use for natural water source? Has a lot of fish and turtles and other wildlife, but is minored and altered in some form to keep safe for swimming. There is a shallow area where fish bed or a deep area that has a fountain. Open to any opinions ideas suggestions or advice. What do you do? Hoping for an open conversation here…

Side note; I am hoping to collect rain water and such by late fall.

Stay lifted,
The Lorax

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