Natural potassium and phophorus


Anyone use natural PK for your plants? Have you compared final results if you have?


I don’t think there is such a thing. Potassium and phosphorus are elements, after all. Probably every atom on earth has been in a living creature at some time in the past, millions of times. If they are pure, is there any difference? Potassium is probably in ionic form in a liquid fertilizer, so you can’t really tell what it was bound with in solid form. Phosphorus is probably in the form of phosphate which is useful to buffer the pH, because you can use a combination of mono, di, and tri phosphates that all have different pHs.

Nitrogen, on the other hand, could be bound in some organic compound like urea or a little more inorganic like ammonium ion.


I didn’t think about the element tables. You are right.


@AmnesiaHaze, @1BigFella

I have found on a web site that claims that banana peels contain nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. FYI
I can’t figure out how to post it though. What are your thoughts on this if it could be substantiated?




Ive never heard that about bannanas… but then that don’t mean much.
@Happy_Pappy I’ve just started exploring organics how to use them what different minerals and such can do for u and herb. Its a very interesting topic …