Natural pest deterrent


Looking for a natural way to keep bugs off my plants outdoors.


you may try this @Wookie@garrigan65 has great home remedies you can use!


A link I believe everyone should have in their bookmarks, plenty advice on what to use depending on the bugs you will get outside, as well as if you grow inside.


I have a hard copy. Good stuff!


Thanks ill give it a try.


Diatomaceous Earth helps


@Wookie @raustin Sorry about posting about pests in the personal grow journal. I have been posting all over, in whatever subject I was in.
That being said, one last apology to @MAXHeadRoom for that, and thanks for setting me straight.
If anyone can tell me how to start a grow journal of my own next grow, I’d appreciate it.
Now to the matter at hand. I have a blurry picture of new growth on one of my four clones.
They are out on my deck, and I did end up finding APHIDS on my tomatoes.
The damage done to my clone was over 24 hours, and the little bugger got to about half the new growth. I killed them with Dr. Bonner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soap with Peppermint.
A tablespoon in a quart of water, and soaked them all with a spray bottle.
No damage since. I will be checking them daily, and the damage can be extensive in a short time period. Here’s the picture again. Thanks for your tips @raustin.


i have 1500 ladybugs on the way…
bit of a overkill,but i want to kill them inside the grow as well as outside…


I saw one ladybug on my plants. Gone now. I know that aphids can reproduce way faster than ladybugs. My plants are outside now, but two of my clones never really went back to veg mode.
They are looking like one big bud, and have some red dried up pistils, new pistils, trichomes, etc.
Here’s a picture of the top of one plant. I’m wondering how long I should let them grow. @raustin Any idea’s Bud-dee?
Sorry for the poor quality, but best my phone camera does. -Oz


It’s hard to tell anything from that pic. Can you post a side view?


These are them. Back in the tent.


Lol, stil kind of hard to tell, but I’d say they still have time yet, if you’re seeing white pistils then a few more weeks probably. Keep looking at the trichs.


Do you have a way to keep them out of your lights? Or do you have a Quantum LED board set up?


they are hanging out on the plants and pots @Ozzimotosan1


Nice. Sounds good BIGE.


Does anyone know of something non-toxic that I can leave on my plants outside?
The soap and water I’ve been using needs to be washed off. Then they just come back.
Same with Neem Oil (I would use if I had spider mites, but I don’t).
Does that cigarettes and a little dish soap in water have to be washed off?
I’d like to put it on and just reapply after rain, and then wash off before harvest.


What do they eat after the bugs are gone?


Okay, I am at my wits end. I thought I got rid of this PIA before I brought my two “veg’ing” clones back in the house. When I originally saw this damage, I found aphids. They are long gone.
Still getting damage on new growth, and it’s getting worse. I’ll put a picture up, but all I had tried is that soap and water concoction. Anyone have spider mite damage pix?
Tomorrow it’s the Neem oil. How long do you leave it on? I was hoping it was a nute burn, but I cut back on all. Best I can do with the camera I have. Thanks!