Nanners got me again

So, 2 weeks into flower I find nanners on my pineapple haze. Grrrrrr. I pull it from the flowering tent immediately.

I’ve got 2 more very large plants of the same strain, (different seeds), one is about to go into a 30gal pot outside. One is about to enter the tent.
Now I’m questioning that decision. I’ve grown this strain 2 times, both times they grew nanners. Bummer, I was looking forward to the smoke.

I doubt they were overly stressed. There are other plants flowering in that tent with zero issues.
Poor poor genetics on that one.


Who is the breeder for that particular strain?

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They were a gift.
They mentioned the breeder, but I highly doubt these seeds are from them. Every other seed I’ve grown from them has had excellent and resilient genetics.

I’m just debating my outdoor plant. I’d started it in February so she’d grow huge this summer. I don’t want to nurture her all summer, only to find nanners in sept. Hmmmm.


Likely seeds were obtained from a hermie given the record of re-hermies