Nanners and seeds, how am I looking?

Hey everyone.

I’m on day 34 since flip. I had 10 plants, 2 are gone due to each plant having between 10 and 20 nanners.

I’ve been thoroughly checking the remaining 8. I’ve found probably 15 nanners between all 8 plants over the last 10 days. I also found two lower “popcorn” buds, each on a different plant, with about 8 immature seeds on each. I have inspected these plants a dozen times one cola at a time over the past 10 days. I’ve taken some photos of my plants, and I’m hoping someone can chime in as to what my end product might be like.

I don’t see any seed development in any of the main colas, I’ve literally pulled the buds apart in a very brutal way to check them. I see lots of fresh white pistils, lots of fat swollen calyxs, and lots of trichome development at the mo…

Growing again isn’t an option. My kids make it a hard thing to pull off stealthily. So I have nothing to lose by seeing it out. Just wondering if I’m doomed, or if ill end up with some ok seedy weed.

Thanks in advance


What are the genetics? Auto? Fem? Regular?

Nope. Buds look nice. You might end up with some seeds but no big deal…


I’m in New zealand, I’m relying on generosity of a particular friend for seeds. They are “supposedly”

White rhyno x chem dog fem photo

White rhyno fem photo

And a fem photo cbd strain, unknown name.

I am just relaying what I was told. The friend who gave them to me said he’s grown these strains multiple times without a single hermie so its prolly related to the severe neem oil damage these plants got in week 4 of veg which almost killed them all!

My fingers are crossed you are correct with regard to some ok bud with seeds… would you suggest I pull them early to find a balance between trichome color and how many seeds I end up with? Or just take them all the way and deal with whatever I get?

Thanks in advance!


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