Nanners? Advice on what to do

Hi, this is a strawberries and cream from exotic genetix grown from clone.
It is on day 1 of week 8 in flower and looks like they are nanners on some of the buds.
Can anyone confirm and advice on what to do? Should I chop them down now?
They are in a tent with other strains as well.


Nothing you can do. Just finish it out and enjoy the smoke. Too late to stress plant by attempting to remove something already mature.


BTW. Enjoy the seeds anyway. You might find something kina neat

Yes sir just wrap it up , she pretty much done as advised

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It is a labor of love. I bet on some good smoke.

Only if they mature in the seed pods…6+ weeks needed for seeds to mature in the pod. Pull early and you just eat the seeds. They are good for you.

I can’t create a post guys how do I do it need help first time growing with led lights

It really wasn’t about the seeds. It was about what to do. There is nothing to do. However; You do not know what seeds may be viable on this plant, do you? The plant is defintiely mature. Why not the seeds?

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Thanks for the responses. I have other strains in the same tent, all at the same age. Do you guys think they’ll be okay?