Naming bagseed?

Hello everyone hope you’re all doing well. I have a question and was wondering everybody’s input on naming bags seeds. I found a seed and planted it and it ended up being a female. I took a couple clones and flowered one of the Clones. The smoke turned out to be pretty good so I decided to keep it around. Unfortunately I don’t know the name of the strain. The question is does that mean I’m free to give it my own name or do I continue calling it mystery plant? I really don’t want to take credit for somebody else’s strain. Just something I was thinking about and wondering other people’s opinions. Thank you for your time and opinions. Have a great day

That’s a very considerate question.

The only time you would be concerned about a legal transgression in naming is if the name is A. trademarked and B. you want to sell the cultivar using the same name.

There’s so much genetic diversity in a bag of 10 sibling-seeds, names are almost meaningless. What I mean is that your Gorilla Glue 4 is never going to be the same as mine, unless we both have clones off the same mother.

Call it whatever you want, but be sure to journal as much about the plant as you can; morphology, effect, aroma(s), vigor, etc…

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I did it. 2 summers ago, planted a bag seed that yielded incredible smoke along with a handful of seeds. No idea the actual name of the strain. We call it “HAF” for High As F**k. Nobody questions it because the smoke is so good. Come up with something original and just be honest when asked about it.

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Thank you for your feedback. Like I said I don’t want to steal anybody’s Thunder. And I couldn’t tell you where I got the seed how long I’ve had the seed and to be honest I don’t remember smoke like this. Like you said everybody’s going to grow the same thing a little different. Different lights different environments different nutrients excetera excetera. I have a couple bagseed of Ice Cream Sandwich and I thought that strain was pretty good. So far out of the three one is turned out to be a male and I was thinking about putting some of the pollen on this unknown bagseed I have. And coming up with an unknown ice cream sandwich. Cross breeding sounds interesting to me. Especially when I can’t afford to buy seeds. I’d rather put that money to other use. Thank you again for your feedback and have a great day