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Well here we are it’s Saturday and I have a decision. After look at the photos, I’m going to wait a couple more days yet before flush and lights out. Some may argue tht they are ready but I’m still going to hold off. I’ll take a look tomorrow and see but I’m think mid to late next week.

Girl Scout cookies

Purple haze 1 @beardless

Purple haze 2



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Try SilverBlack Gorilla. You can read more about it at But be ready to eat a lot after smoking.


I absolutely LOVE Afghan or Afghani, and I think there is a slight difference. Talk about mouth watering, sour dank, smells like Jamaica and salt misted old wool rugs. Citrusy, heady. I have seeds coming to put in the greenhouse. Ground up it was a goldenish color and tacky thick with resin.

For me it is super hard to say what strain is el numero uno, but I find the more indicas or more sativas or the older landraces crosses work. The newer hybrids just do not work for me. I get nada from say Ice Cream Cake or Gelato but give me a hit of Durban or Lambs Breath and I am a happy camper and it is not a THC thing. My theory is in the terpenes and the dilution through crossing strains in highly controlled situations.

For the record, I am a HORRIBLE judge of how strong cannabis is to tell others. I have an insane tolerance level, due mainly to the fact that if I don’t smoke I can’teat. I have a load of chronic GI issues and it keeps the nausea away and actually gives me an appetite. Also, I am an athlete, so I look for any strain that will give me a body high. Apart from endurance sports I have been doing some hardcore bodybuilding for last year and I stopped all arthritis meds, so I need the pain relief. I like a nice strong indica before bed. I have be careful with sativas as I am high energy and they can give me restless legs.

Strains I grew last year and my take:

Wedding Cake: big nope for me but all my friends and family love it
Grape Ape bagseed: Nice grapey bedtime smoke
Lemon Haze: oooh la la for wake and bake and sex
Blueberry X Big Bud: great for general aches and pains
Critical Mass: perfect for 100% pain relief and all day use bu warning - two days post tolerance break my husband was flat laid out on the floor, after throwing up, having blazed one 70mm joint, and I thought he had the high tolerance.

They say try and hang with Snoop or Willie. I say try and hang with this girl! :star_struck:


I can empathize with you on tolerance. It takes me a couple bowels to feel what others feel in a couple hits.

The only strain that I have grown that I have enjoyed the high from was the sunset sherbet from ILGM.

I had some stuff one time that gave me an unbelievable high but I have no idea what it was and I can’t get in touch with the fella that gave it to me but I havent been able to find anything like it since. So any suggestions are great! I would love to try and hang with ya! Sounds like good times :joy:

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You know I had sunset sherbet I picked up in Trinidad, Co at the dispensary and I liked it. I think it is in the terpenes and citrus is good.

You probably smoked something my son rolled up! Oh dear lord, but that kid makes these concoctions that are just unbelievable. He will add oil, kief, pax left over, just make this salad of a joint. He left one one hit once in the ashtray before he left a couple of weeks ago and I hit it and called him and was like “what in the hell is in tha tjoint? Because I never get this baked.”

But yeah, I feel your pain. I am all for saying, 'yeah marijuana is a great medical thing" honestely, sometimes you just want to feel like you just had about three margaritas and have given ALL your ‘effs’ away. There is a strain on HCG that I have been looking at for a long time called Maracuya that intrigues me. They had me at “psychedelic high”.

Edited: true story: two dif times, two dif girlfriends who want to try cannabis. BOTH after a couple of hits were one the floor and went to bed. How? Did? That? Happen? Lucky them, right? But after that, if someone wants to try it, they are all on their own, I am NOT going to be responsible anymore for giving someone that sort of experience. That would be a rotten Cannabis Ambassador

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When I lived in fl, this kid I worked with use to roll me some good blunts. He would mix indica and Sativa or hurbrids and tht was decent highs. Right now I am mixing gold leaf, purple haze and sun sherbet all together and it’s an ok high don’t last long though.

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I just sprouted Purple Haze and yesterday got Goldleaf in the mail. Also, Chronic Widow and California Dreaming (the premium pack here)

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I’ve have had my eye on the indica mix pack
Have you tried any of those, pure indica, granddaddy purp, and bubba kush. I’ve also been eye balling the Afghan, weeding cake, and train wreck but they aren’t all together in a mix pack. I suggested to them to have a build your own mix pack I think that would be awesome!

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I have asked many a time for a Build Your Pack. I loved the USA pack but it made no sense to put Mowie Waui in with them as they are not really compatible.

I do have an Arabian mix pack coming from another place: Afghan, Hindu kush, and Pure Indica. And the ILGM GDP auto.

I would suggest not getting Wedding Cake. For high tolerance and daily users, I just don’t see you getting anything from it. My experience was zilch. It smells good though. Why I grew I cannot say other than the description got me. Because when I had bought it at the dispensary I never really got much from it. My defense is that this time last year I took advantage of the 4/20 sales and it was my very first seed buying experience and I got taken away by the descriptions. Now I rarely go into depth about the description until I have looked closely at genetics, grow conditions, etc. then I look at the descriptions closer. I have had Ghost Train and maybe Train Wreck from my state’s medical dispensary, but our cannabis here is so expensive it wouldn’t have been much to really tell.

Do you find yourself needing to change strains often? That really works for me. And now I have nothing but loads of Critical Mass until the next crop comes in and an auto, that hand over my heart, god bless her, is entering her 18th effing week of life on this planet but is a Lemon Haze.

If I can ever get my hands on some seeds or even just the herb at the dispensary, Bob Ross, is one I really want. I got a half ounce of BR kief in Trini, and i wanted to paint happy little trees all over the place.

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I don’t have a dispensary near me my state and others around it smh it’s still illegal. What can ya do? MOVE but not this late in life tired of movin.


I get you on the moving. This is not necessarily where I had wanted to stay, but after 28 moves in nearly 38 years with my husband, I just do not have it in me to even consider. I think the federal reckoning is coming as far as they finally realized they are missing out on a boatload of tax money by not legalizing it.

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The latest bill supports decriminalizing on a federal level, right?



I think so, I need to do a search and check it out.

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I don’t believe there is any hash that can put me down for the count after 3 yanks as you call them. I’d sure like to try it out tho, ha.

You would be surprised at what really good dry sift off a good plant can do. Either that or you are a chronic heavy hitter with super high tolerance built up. Ive had friends that smoke dope daily take a really big pull of a bong with that and get whacked hard by expando, loose their lungs all over the place and have a pretty decent buzz on with 1 hit.

Starts out looking like this