Name this pest please!

Could be caterpillar damage. I would look at the main stems near those leaves or check them at dusk/dawn on the leaves.

If it is caterpillars you can spray BT weekly to kill them organically.


@AAA thanks my man! I will be on the lookout tonight and tomorrow

I will also be looking at mine
AAA what is BT?

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@AAA sorry to hijack your thread but what is BT?
Thanks for all the help

BT is BtK: Bacillus Thurengiensis and available in ‘Safer Caterpillar Killer’ and can be used up to the day of harvest, unlike Neem oil. (If you spray Neem oil on flower you should just start over)

You have leaf miners just like @420guy has.


Ethan Allen country.

So this morning I found some more small spots with this same type of damage and removed them. There was a small brow leaf hopper that jumped off the plant when I started brushing through the leaves for the initial inspection. Then I found this guy just chilling on a new growth area, snapped some pics and promptly flicked him off…

Here’s a link to what I got going on this year…

If I’m not mistaken, isn’t leaf miner damage typically more “tube shaped”?

You are correct. There may be tube-shaped injuries somewhere but looks like some kind of ‘miner’. Captain Jack’s or Safer is still the answer.

Just ordered some Captain Jack’s!

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Sorry, didn’t see your tag! @Myfriendis410 has your covered.

I found a small leaf hopper hanging out on one of my 4 in the garden this morning and flicked it away, and other than that, I have had very minimal damage by these guys since the initial burst. I haven’t sprayed any dead bug on them yet, but have it on hand if they start to get bad again


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Thank you everyone for the response and advice!

This is the perpetrator, I went out this morning to check on the ladies and an entire small fan leaf had those hole damage marks on it and one of these bastards was on the back side. Dead bug away!


These will sort those munchers out!

Hello all, New here first post. I seem to have TBE same problem… Vermont grow. Any luck with treatment?

No clue, inside or outside?
Caterpillar maybe?

Looks exactly like the damage I was getting from either the pictures bug above or leaf hoppers, as I usually chase leaf hoppers off when I go to look at the plants. Capt Jack’s dead bug has slowed the intrusions!