Name this pest please!

Just noticed 4 fan leaves with this type of damage on my largest Blue Dream. Cut them off and snapped some pics, thoughts?

Did you find the bug itself?

Doing a little interwebs research points me to leaf hoppers…

Could be, but I’m not experienced with guessing the critter with bite mark.

Have not actually seen one yet, although I haven’t yet had a chance to spend more than 5 mins out there, did a morning watering, notices the damage, snipped the leaves and have been drinking coffee and looking at options!

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Sounds like you’re on the right track. Lol

Had to turn the vape on and walk outside, kids are already screaming in the house :grimacing:

So upon further inspection I found some more fan leaves with damaged and removed them, gave the plant and her 2 neighbors a close brush through and haven’t seen and leaf hoppers evading my fingers, but I’m sure they are here

Poor girl had to get thinned out a bit :confused:


Looks exactly like my problem. I will be watching to see what you uncover

Are you spraying with neem?

I haven’t used anything on them yet to fend off bugs, considering getting neem

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Last year my plants were on my deck, this year I have them in a small fenced in garden I made that is a bit closer to the woods, so I figured this would be a problem, but wasn’t sure how soon I’d have to deal with it

I’m wondering where you live, to have the same problem as me? I’m growing outdoors in Pennsylvania
If you don’t want to say… I understand

I’m right across the deleware