Name the Mystery Strain!

At the beginning of the previous grow season (Oct 2016) we ordered some of Bergman’s seeds and they didn’t sprout. These were graciously replaced along with a couple extra bonus seeds at no extra cost (Yay! Go Robert!)

We planted these original purchased seeds (Gold Leaf) in 2016 and had a great crop harvested around equinox, March 2017. Then last October (2017) we planted the remaining bonus seeds and grew this massive plant, more like a tree really.

The new plant is not the same strain as the Gold Leaf from last year. Checking with the sales department we had no luck as it seems none of us know what this strain is. I am hoping that perhaps someone here can give me a clue. :slight_smile: Characteristics below the photos.

Outdoor grow, 4.5 weeks into flowering stage. The tray she is growing in is 1m square for scale:

a 3 week-old bud:

a 4.5 week old bud:

some closeups of the trichomes and fuzzy bits:






Here are the characteristics as far as I can tell:

Well over a meter in diameter, and about 1.5m - 1.75m tall.

It appears to be an indica dominant strain, because the leaflets are broader and shorter and not elongated and thin like sativa strains.

Each leaf has never produced more than 5 leaflets each. Not 7, or 9, or even 11 as I’ve seen with some strains. The leaves in general also seem somewhat smaller than average of other plants I’ve grown.

I only topped this bush TWICE. Once just above 4 branches and the second time above the next 4 branches on each of the 2 stalks. However, it continued to bifurcate profusely on its own after that, spreading low and very wide and bushy as can be seen in the full photo. I’ve never seen a plant branch out so much by itself without further pruning as this one has.

It is currently in the flowering stage and the flowers are developing quite rapidly. The photo on the cork background shows a leaf harvested at 4.5 weeks flowering. If it were not being grown inside bird netting over a bamboo frame, the branches would be breaking off under their own weight. I’ve had to tie up the larger branches to the frame to prevent this.

So Bergman’s seeds with lots of flowers on this self-bushing plant with 5-leaflet only leaves. Does anyone have any idea what strain this might be?



I have no idea but you should clone it, hermie an offspring and start a strain called Big Bertha!


I haven’t a clue but thank for all the porn this morning!
beautiful plant!


definitely a hybrid cross of F#$$ knows and No idea! lol

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@GrowGirl Lol can you describe the smells your getting of it i agree that its most likely a hybrid but we need more if in truth tho you may never no for 100%
I wouls imagine that they sent extra Gold leaf tho ?
Cloning her would be a good idea also
@Mickanooch please remove the F word from above post profanity in not allowed sorry it policy tho bro :wink:


sorry brosef

@Countryboyjvd1971 it has a strong smell but then they all have lol It smells a bit skunky I guess.

This is definitely not the same as the Gold Leaf from last year. The leaves, flowers, shape of the plant, everything is different. The gold leaf had leaves with more than 5 lobes, this one, every single leaf has only 5 and no more. Also as I mentioned above it is very branchy, even without trimming it. It’s a mystery :slight_smile:

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It could be a different phenotype of the Gold Leaf. Whatever the strain, she’s beautiful!

I also agree with the recommendations of cloning her. I’m sure you have plenty of viable candidates in all that mass.

I’m hoping for results like that this year…

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@Countryboyjvd1971 and @FloridaSon said what I’m thinking that it’s a pheno of Gold Leaf. I’ve seen marked differences between plants within this strain.

If you look at each branch level, do you have 3 or 4 branches encircling the stem? Are they offset between branch layers? I ask because I noted the GL had 4, 90° apart and were staggered and offset.

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