Name that plant

Just started this two weeks ago in a shot glass. Now outside repotted. Did a little canoeing in Ontario. Heatwave. So took it out of sun. Question is. I got this from a buddy of mine and he doesn’t know what it was. Does it look healthy. Am I too late. Male female. Total beginner.
Thanx in advance.

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Welcome! Plant looks great! Too young for sexing. Not sure about the “am I too late” question. Too late for what?

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I planted it June 23rd. Well in a shot glass. Will it get big enough to bloom I guess.

For just over two weeks, it’s off to one hell of a start! To be working on the fourth node after that short of time is impressive. How big it gets before daylight hours drop to 12hrs a day is hard to say because there’s so many variables but if it keeps up with the growth it has exhibited already, yes it’ll be big enough to bloom. When do your days drop to 12 hrs?

I would say middle of september. I have no clue as to what size it can get too. I figured planting late it would maybe get 12-16 inches high. I guess there’s also no way of naming the strain I guess you call it.

There’s too many strains to pinpoint. Best you can do is determine if it’s a sativa, indica or hybrid. Most these days are a hybrid of some sort.

You have over 8 more weeks of veg, I think you’re going to be just fine

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When would you suggest starting next year for planting outside. When would I start it indoors.May 24th is usually planting time. Feb-mar-apr.

You could start from seedling in May and still have 4 month veg. If you want to harden it off, maybe give it another month on top of that, so start inside in April.

Thank you very much for your insight.

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You’re doing well. It should produce for you.