Name that leaf problem!

Welcome everyone to the monday episode of ‘‘name that leaf provlem’’

All help is greatly appreciated.

What soil are those in?

So long as you are getting healthy new growth it is probably okay.

Pro mix with all the big chunks sifted out and done added sand for extra drainage

I can’t imagine Promix causing problems for a seedling. I would say it’s genetic and to just watch for healthy new growth.


I dont think I have the qualifications to give you first prize but thank you for being the first to answer.

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Are doming them? If you are it might be water drops on leaves acting like a magnifying glass and burning them.

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I did have a dome ish thing for a while. The magnification burning them is super cool problem I would have never considered, how would stop droplets from condensing on the dome

No way I know of. I’ve had it on a few of my plants with no problems.

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Kinda looks like this.

That’s my guess

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Things are looking up for the new leaves. I think the problem stems from my hydroponic pepper next to my seedlings. I have some neem oil in the mail.

Thanks for the help. I might try the spicy water first

Prob light to close or to bright for seedlings or soil to hot

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Definitely thrips I saw those tiny little guys

I just sprayed with some chilli pepper and soap water would strongly recommend not breathing any of the mist that comes towards you that is some spicy peppers.