Name that deficiency

What deficiency looks like nitrogen burn? My Bruce Banner is on the home stretch but I have leaves with yellowing edges and burned tips. I saw a picture of exactly my condition online, but all it said was this is a deficiency not burn, the clue being the tips are browning further in than with N burn. Thanks

With out seeing any pics I’d make a guess it’s a potassium deficiency

Yup… pics or it didn’t happen


Sorry I don’t have pictures, but the example photo is exactly it. I’m a couple weeks from harvesting, will this deficiency affect the buds, and is it worth trying to correct this late in the game?

PK are uber important in late flower. Id look into a bloom booster with high values (except N). Have u been maintaining ph?

Get you some dry koolbloom


My plants start to crap themselves when they hear the lid come off that container

I’ve only used a little bit of it. Have you had any problems with it?

@ThatoneAKguy I’m going into the last week on some and was going to mix up about 30 gallons and don’t wanna kill my plants. If it’s to strong for my autos that would suck

It’s a week 7 thing in soil. That being said beastie blooms is fox farms answer to the same thing.
0-50-30 @PharmerBob took my fear away of it in hydro and I started adding a tiny bit starting week three of flower and build up with it. I can say beyond the shadow of a doubt it works. But it’s a little in un nerving to come that far and jump off the cliff. I’m at 1 table spoon for 5 gallons on plants from week 4-7 in my reservoir and some 2100 ppm.
Disclaimer: that’s just what I’m doing.

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Yeah that’s a bit strong but you eased them into it. I’ll go with the 0.5 teaspoon per gallon recipe that they recommend.
Being at the end of the grow everything has a pucker factor of 7 or 8 on 0 to 10 scale. I seen a moth earlier and almost had to burn one to calm my nerves. Lmmfao :joy:

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There’s a recommended dosage? :rofl:

Courious as to the why of dry koolbloom. Ive got the liquid but keep hearing that last week use the dry. Why?

The Npk on the dry koolbloom is 2 45 28. The liquid is only 0 10 10. By looking at the numbers you can see the dry koolbloom is a much stronger fertilizer.

Thanks for the replies. I cleaned out my wood stove and watered in a couple cups of oak ash. funny, but in all my years guerilla farming I’ve never had the problems I’ve experienced with my 2 indoor grows. I’ve been using FF’s products and feeding schedule religiously, pH tested the H2O both in and the runnoff(6.5) and still this is the sorriest grow I’ve ever had. Is Bruce Banner the plant for me, or are there options not as fussy? Happy Trails

All my posts used tp carry this disclaimer :joy::rofl:

@OldSmoker outside is strangely more forgiving. I guess cuz the plant really is a weed and fights like hell to live. Indoor you have control over environment, water, nutes… its like playing god with your green gals. I love the… control you have indoors. Too hot? AC. Drought? Bottled water. Poor dirt? Use a pot. But both has its drawbacks. Power outage? Ur screwed. Dont know what ph is? Screwed. Heavy handed feeder? Burned plants, IE your screwed :joy:. But dont be discouraged. Learn from ur mistakes. And incorporate those lessons into the next round