N.Y. Outdoor. Super mix Autoflowers

Just an update on my 3rd grow this season. The plants are definitely doing better in the lower heat and humidity conditions outdoors. The bugs though are really out of control, so I’m spraying the plants at least once a week with Neem oil and some added Castile oil. It seems to be helping but it is a pain in the ass to keep on checking and spraying the underside of the leaves!
The first 3 autos in the pics are BB GSC and GG. They are 7 weeks old and three weeks into flower. Non of these plants are LST’D, I just wanted to see how they turn out with little to no stress on the plant at all.
This is the GSC planted in COM Stonington blend.

This is the GG planted in FFHF

And this is the BB planted in my home mix

The GSC planted in COM Stonington is definitely doing better as far as veg growth goes, even though all 3 plants were flowering in less than 4 weeks.
I will make my final determination after harvest.

The 2 SD’s are 35 days old and are in the first week of flower.
This SD on the left is planted in COM and FF…I ran out of COM! The one on the right in straight up FF

The AK47 is 28 days old and is my first plant in a ten gal pot. She is planted in FFHF.

The regulars are doing well. My goal was to keep them on the smaller side untill laws change around here.
This plant was fim’d.

This plant was super cropped

These last two were left alone

The plants were pruned last weekend when the moon was between the waning crescent and New Moon phase. This puts far less stress on the plants.

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Missed a pic

I decided to fim my AK47 auto yesterday. She is 26 days old and I fim’d what would have been the 6 node.
I am experimenting with moon phase growing. According to what I have read, it is best to fim, top and super crop during the waxing moon phase :crescent_moon:. It promotes a speedier and healthier recovery period for the plant.
We shall see.

A closer look…one day after fim

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3 days after fim.
Looks like she is doing very well.

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