N.Y. Outdoor. Super mix Autoflowers

I use OF and I do add worm casting and perlite but a lot less than COM

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Thanks for all the help! One last thing.
They guy who I bought the COM from. He didn’t recommend starting seeds in the soil. Any thoughts?

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Really tho I’m ok with them not pumping it with too much perlite. At least they’re giving us good stuff for the money!

I always start my seeds in COM and OF for that matter never had a problem

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I use CoM seedling mix for seedlings and then transplant from there.

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Next grow I will try it strait out of the bag maybe save me a couple bucks

… or cost ya more… perlite is way cheaper than Stonington Blend :rofl:

Seriously though for the easy results it gives I’m ok with the price. It’s definitely the easiest to grow soil Mix I’ve ever used.

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As soon as I get my seeds…HELLO ILGM!!
I will compare COM, FF and home mix. Hope to germinate seeds this week

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Sounds like a good comparison

@Plutarch I read your post about ‘throwing the soil’ on @Luckyrider journal.
I’m assuming you’re talking about compost and not the soil the plant is in.

@Spiridly LOL no, I don’t “throw” my soil much. Amongst other things I grow my weed mostly inside which would create a bit of a mess I would think. Not sure of the context or the journal entry specifically. I do throw my old soil out, or have been until I recently started composting and now the bags of used soil go back in a pile that gets mixed back up eventually and goes somewhere in Plutarch’s garden, inside or out. But I still don’t throw it much. I’m old and don’t throw much of anything anymore other than my back out. :slight_smile: I may have been heavily medicated when I posted to @Luckyrider’s journal however, point me there and I might be able to put it into context. Sorry for any confusion.


My bad. You said layering the soil, not throwing the soil.

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To help put it into context, @Spiridly and because I am still chuckling about what I might have been thinking if I wrote about throwing my soil around, this is my setup. Not a lot of room for throwing dirt and all in all a bad plan if I did mention it. I prefer outside. And I’m jealous. But if I said anything about throwing soil disregard it please. Meanwhile I will go back to lurking. And chuckling a bit.

Ah, now that I do. And it works… And I stole the idea…:slight_smile: But I still prefer outside and in the ground, where you have so many other cool options and hope the state gets its act together so we can do it comfortably in Plutarch’s actual garden. Thanks for clarifying I had not completely lost my mind. For now. And now I will go back to lurking.

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Just do it

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@ADK_Guerrila @Luckyrider It’s been a little over a week since I last updated and for the most part good things are happening.
So my first grow is going the distance because of my runt GG which is 8 weeks old and in second week of flower. She’s not a beauty but she is trying

My BB has been harvested. The Trics were about 70 % cloudy and there were slight traces of amber.
She wasn’t big, but for my first try at autos, she’s definitely a keeper!

I don’t have any luck with my GSC’s. So far 0 for 3 and to boot I was a little rough on girl #4 while trying to tie her down😭

But aside from that the plants are fine. They are 6 weeks old and starting to flower.

The BB that is being held by the tomato cage is doing much better. She has been pruned back some.

My experiment’s are going better than I thought they would. Here is a 10 day comparison with the plant that was topped

The plant that was fim’d is also doing well.
Here’s a few pics of the head as it divides.

And like I said the plant is looking healthy.

And if all that wasn’t fun enough. @Dieselgrow1031 @HMGRWN I finally got around to super cropping. The difference in 4 days is really amazing

I can only pray that they are girls.
The last grow is finally underway, after a 2 day soak I placed the seeds in soil and all 3 popped within 2 days

Going for my home run!


I feel 'ya. I just popped 9 bag seeds that my brother in-law gave me. Don’t know if they were especially good weed or he just wasn’t used to finding seeds. LOL
Put all them in water bottle planters. Hoping to get 1 or 2 ladies out of them.
Also have 2 autos sprouted and in “forever home”. Watermelon Zkittles and Jack Herer …I think.LOL

Lol! I feel your confusion! My last batch of seeds (SD, AK47 and SS), was supposed to arrive today… But didn’t!!
Right now i have 7 regs…
1 runt GG (4-5 more weeks to go),
1 GSC that was attacked by termites (4-5 weeks to go) she’s front left

1 of each BB, GG, GSC (10 weeks to go)
…let’s not forget my 3 seedlings BB, GG and GSC, that will be followed by
1 AK, 1SD and 1SS
Thank God for tagged pots!
My wife is about ready to shoot me and won’t let me spend another penny on the plants until I show some yield…lol!
Tribus has to wait till next year!