N.Y. Outdoor. Super mix Autoflowers

Not sure if you are responding to me, but if so, thank you and I do seem to recall topping at least two of them.

I topped or “fimmed” at about 4 weeks, and it seems most visable to me in the smallest plant, that is also furthest to the rear.

I am in California where we have lots of climates and lots of local laws.

Hey NellaBella, the plants do look good though. This is my first time with autos and looking at yours I never knew they could grow so tall.
Weed is legal in CA yes?
What are the growing laws

Yesterday the plants had their first feeding. Since I am doing my first Autoflower grow as per the ILGM grow bible, I added a basic 20 20 20 feed

It called for 1 tbls per gal. I went with 1 tsp per gal and gave the plants 2 cups each.

BB day 16

GG day 12

3 regular day 14

And finally success with my GSCE

She popped in the bsmt, but since I’m growing outdoors she spent most of the day in the shade of a tomato plant to acclimate as quickly as possible to the sun


Legal to buy, but each county and city has it’s own growing rules.

Some of my prior shenanigans that led to my current state of affairs.

‘Shenanigans’…I love that word! Kinda speaks for itself lol!
It must have broke your heart to see the plants burnt out coz of the heat.
The next couple of days it’s forecast to rain and I’m going to let the plants get a good soaking.

I staked the plants just to be safe.
As soon as the rain is over I’m looking to LST.
Any one know if it is a good idea to put mulch down over the soil so the leaves aren’t sitting in wet soil when it rains.

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Aside from being in your face, would heavy duty aluminum foil with a few holes in it for drainage work?

Thanks @Myfriendis410. Originally I wanted this to be a beginner grow journal, but since I’m growing autos I’m kinda in the right spot. I appreciate the help but I’ll stay.
Now are you tagged in this journal or just for this msg? I do feel old lol

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Okay. Tag me if you need anything

So it’s been a week since I last posted and my first grow at Autos is not what I’d call a roaring success.
So if a first you don’t succeed…
Give up!!!
I have started my second grow and I already see some improvement.
So back to the first grow…did I ever say how much I hate earwigs! They come out in the middle of the night and really love to chow down on weed! Bastards!
I haven’t had an issue since spraying pesticide around the base of the pots, and moving the marigolds in closer.
BB 19 days. 1st day LST

GG day 15. Definitely a runt

I noticed that the side branches on the BB were really small so I’m figuring it’s either a light or nutrient issue.
If it was a light issue I’m guessing that the plant would be really stretched. They get about 8 full hours of sun a day.
So I pumped up the nutrients to about 75% recommended dosage.
BB 21 days. 3 weeks old.

GG 17 days

The nutrients are now going to be added at recommended dosage. Growth seems slow but I do see improvement.
The next pics were taken after earwigs had their feast. And after 3 days of rain.
BB day 25. 3 weeks 4 days

GG day 21

For my second grow I’m going to be boosting the amount of nutrients in the original mix by adding worm castings and blood meal.
I started a GSCE in a cup and after 5 days transplanted her into a pot.
8 days

Definitely looking better than round one.
BB and GG are germinating.

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The nutrients are doing wonders! It’s been less than a week and growth is happening everywhere.
BB 30 days. 4 weeks and 2 days.

I am not giving up on my runt GG. Even she is showing some signs of improvement. Not much, but fingers crossed she’s gonna explode!
GG 25 days

This is my GSCE with the added nutrients in the soil mix. It is definitely an improvement from the first grow. I did LST after only 10 days.
GSCE 14 days

A friend of mine wants to take my 3 unknown regulars off my hands. 2 were stunted coz of earwig attack!

All 3 plants that were germinating have come out to play. Again 1 BB, GG and GSCE.
Plants are 5 days.

Any suggestions or observations would be appreciated, thanks!

@ADK_Guerrila @Mark0427 @HMGRWN @Quickness48 @Dieselgrow1031 @PurpNGold74
So when I got home last night, before reading about ADKs problem with ants and the Dr Earth solution…I found an infestation of termites in my 3 week old GSCE (auto) pot. Ants with wings are termites right?! And they eat thru wood!

These pics were taken after soaking the pot constantly, with water overflowing for about 10 minutes.
I tried to drown the f’ers
No luck!

She looked like crap!

In desperation to save her I filled another pot with fresh soil, peat, compost worm castings and blood meal.

So here’s my first question, she is 22 days, does anyone think the root mass is a little small? I was expecting it to be a little bigger.
I cleaned her roots ( forgot to take pic) and transplanted her.
This is her earlier today, about 23 hrs after transplant

I forgot to mention that she was LST’d which brings me to question 2.
I’m assuming she’s stressed right now so I didn’t resume LST. Should I continue to do so or give her a chance to fully recover.

This is a pic of my 6 week old, 10 days into flower BB auto

Does she look a little thin?
She’s been feed with jacks all purpose 20 20 20, and for the next feeding I’m going with this

Will it be good for bud growth?
I would be grateful for any suggestions

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If you are using jacks you should be putting part a, b. And Epsom salt together. Bloom booster is for when its in flower. Get captain jacks and some neem oil to take care of your big problem. Root ball is small but you could be overwatering and if u just flushed trying to kill them you just rinsed all your nutes you had out of your soil.spray first then let your pot dry out then you can feed with jacks. Make sure you are using a b and Epsom. I bought jacks to use on my outdoors

Is jacks all purpose different from the 321 @Hellraiser

Yes, I think it is different

I planted in fresh soil and got rid of the termite pot

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Termites swarm this time of year, it’s quite a sight, thousands of the winged sob’s spewing out of the ground. As for the LST, I would sit on her a bit n see how, n if she rebounds, patience is a virtue. Did u use any Great White, Mykos, r any other product to help ur root system? Also n my experience the termites swarm for several days, so keep n eye out. Good luck with ur ladies. :v::v:

If annauto like i think i read pretty much consider that plant a goner. The roots to air like that and being drowned like it was prior to roots being exposed at 22 days. If it libes its gonna be super small and take longer than a photo because of the stress. I had one go for just under 5 months but it was a bad from the start lol

@Spiridly i know the beasts you have haha we are from around the same area and we call them piss ants not sure why but we always have, I would imagine the diatomaceous earth would help considerably but I myself haven’t tried to get rid of them specifically. If you have a feed store like for livestock or something like that or Agway, maybe even tractor supply might carry it. Also make sure it’s food grade. As for the transplant this is my first grow with autos so I’m not really sure how it’s going to go, if you have a chance definitely try and get some water soluble mycorrhizae and give her a good watering and see what happens. For me this is all trial and error with the autos but they have definitely benefited from the myco treatment at transplant.
Just for experimental knowledge and personal experience let it finish out and see how it goes. The only way to learn and progress is to make mistakes. Good luck !!!:four_leaf_clover: