N. Lights Fem, G-14 classified


So here we go. Lets be honest I’m banking on the luck of that the irish to pull this off more then talent.

Growing some nice bud

I just finished a northern lights auto and it’s good smoke. Sweet fruity smell and O so sticky!! Good luck!


Thanks boss in progress


AAAAANNNNNNDDDDD… the mischief continues.


Is that your grow jouse mate. That orange bucket set ip


This is going to be a fun one !

  • good luck


Lots of stress and many problems cause of not enough space to move fresh air …interesting ?


I would use a 55 gallon plastic drum I just saw one at my local supermarket (I have no idear why they’re in the supermarket) they were about 40 bucks new, the big black plastic ones


This grow is super stealth, so a space bucket is my max size at this point. I’m also not looking to grow anything much bigger then a bushy plant maxed out around 2 ft.
So the soil depth won’t be as much as normally recommended and there will be a lot of LST to try and make up for it. I wish the circumstances were different but I digress one day this wonderful medicine will be available on a declassified basis.
My goal is to learn how to grow in a small area without anyone else knowing. Learn what the plants like and don’t via firsthand so that the knowledge is there and in the process maybe save some money.
Again I’m not looking to increase this grow medium in any way, this is apocalypse about learning a skill on the down low.
However if you guys see me doing something dumb just call it as you see it so I don’t have to pay the full price of being new and lose plants. Again thanks to all in advance for the help. :four_leaf_clover::sunglasses:


I started in a dresser with clf’s. Fun grow just gotta watch heat. Also you can heavy LST them I do.


Thanks, that’s the plan. I am gonna try and do the LST in hopes to slow height and get some more out of a shortie. I need to do a dry run with lights to see heat factor. Thanks for the heads up​:four_leaf_clover::sunglasses:


Thanks @Givemefire DOC BROWN, for the hint about heat. Gonna need to do some reconfiguration for heat management, I was hoping to get away from buying anything else for atleast another’s couple weeks but I popped a seed in 24 hours and now it’s time to finish it up. Gonna get me some fans tomorrow and install without any delay to make sure she has a proper home. I never saw anybody online without a painted bucket, I haven’t painted mine yet lol and oh boy do I get the name now. I’ll post pics after reconfigure is complete. So far so good thanks only to the great supplies by ILGM


Get a small computer fan and have blow out some drier vent, make look like it’s part of, the bends in the tube will stop light leak. They get hot and it’s totally cheap to do. My fans came out of an old computer and tv. All are usually 12v. Little 12v transformer are like $12 for 5 of them.


My first grow was auto NL in a small mini fridge. Was…interesting


You can’t just leave a post like @Jheezy what happened


Got the power adapter just need couple little fans, I was gonna ask if anybody used dryer vent ducting @Givemefire.


Yes I have 20 feet of it


:joy: Guess I didn’t. It was pretty cramped and hot hot hot. I didn’t cut vents just kept the door cracked. I’m sure pics are up here somewhere I’ll look. My fridge was the squareish kind with no freezer way to small and I moved to a plastic cabinet thing it was an auto and I moved it out of fridge at about 1.5 months. Lights were to close to the plant. I think a bigger mini fridge would be ok A full size fridge would be super ok lol


You could have turned on the fridge lol I mean it is a refrigerator


I still have the thing lol I may use it for clones or something