Mystery Weed You Be The Judge :)

So I got some free seeds awhile back and threw them in dirt 6 weeks ago. I never labeled the seeds so have no clue what I have . Don’t know the strain, Don’t even know if they are auto’s…I’m at day 46 in 12 / 12 lighting and feed every other day by watering with Bloom nutes. Anyone want to take a guess at what I have or follow and see as they get bigger, ( assuming I don’t kill them)


I won’t guess but will say they look good

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It’s nearly impossible to guess a strain by appearance. Good luck with the grow they look nice.


Just pick a name I’ve had a couple those I just named them

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Cracker Jack, The surprise might be inside?


Demar OG is what it looks like to me. Oh that’s gonna get way to big for that tent I think. Lol

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Yeah I think your right! lol Have been (LST) my arse off but looks like need to top more. It’s a monster…
Im on 12 / 12 but think it might be an auto so…

I’ll name it, Tameit Impalaunnamed-1


Don’t top of you have already started flower just tue her down might get a crooked cola but is gonna give you lots of medicine nine the less

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Glad you said this in a timely manor, I was about to do some trimming :slight_smile: Ok won’t touch it now that it’s in flower or trying to get it to flower rather.


I wouldn’t anyway. I’m just a novice as well having only one harvest so far under my belt indoor. I have a few outdoor but I find it much simpler outside really only have to worry bout the girls getting ripped off then I find.

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Auto don’t have to go 12 on 12 it buds whenever it wants to I use to put it under 24 hours light and you picked the right way to grow hydroponic is the fastest way every 90 days you crop or longer @Shaungray7

Not sure if it’s auto or not, so went 12 / 12 in case it was photo plus 12/12 better on electric bill.

Lol I wonder why my quote got blocked

Was wondering what it was also? What kinda horrid thing did you say Shaun?

Lol not sure something bout harvest


Lol yea I hAv had a lot of those even if you swear they do it